19th Century French Renaissance "Gasolier" Bronze and Brass Chandelier with Fleur de Lis

2201-03118 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

31H by 25 in diameter

Location: Dallas


This stunning French Renaissance Chandelier, beautiful relic from 19th century a "Gasolier" ~ electrically converted chandelier boasting visual appeal even when it's not illuminated, originally configured to provide open gas flames. Cast to an exceptional degree of detail from solid bronze and brass by master French artisans with a nod towards the grandeur of the reign of Renaissance King Francies I, a supporter of the arts, he commissioned the building of the Louvre. Painstakingly rewired in US electric lighting standards by our expert staff, and will provide decades of beautiful illumination for your home, compliments of the extraordinary jewelry-quality detailing that abounds from the crown to the graceful arms. Nothing adds ambiance like antique lighting! 

Circa 1860.

Measures 31 by 25 in diameter. Extra chain is available.