Pair Antique Vieux Paris Sardine Servers

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Location: Baton Rouge


Considered an expensive delicacy at the time these porcelain keepsakes were made, and always served in fine Antique Porcelain Servers specifically designed for them, sardines became much more accessible after the dawn of motorized sea trawlers.  During the mid-19th century, a host could make a very good impression on his guests by serving the delicacy in hand-painted porcelain servers, and especially if the host served two!  Exquisite wildflowers, ferns, and other foliates are enhanced by the gold trim and clean lines of the pieces, making them an objet d'art unto themselves!
Sold as a pair.

Circa 1850-1860.
Each measures 3 x 5.5; platters measure 7.5 x 10.