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Antique Accessories are the perfect way to create a unique decorating theme that is yours and yours alone!  Perfect for combining with Antique Furniture, antique decorative accessories make it easy to regale your friends and relatives with stories of your pursuits and lively conversation about your discoveries, and of course appreciating the sheer beauty and design of each antique treasure is a passion all unto itself!  We painstakingly hand-select each and every antique accessory, antique furniture and antique painting in our vast inventory to ensure you get the maximum quality and enjoyment from each antique treasure you acquire, and share your enthusiasm for all things beautiful and timeless!  Inessa Stewart’s Antiques Wholesale Antique Furniture Stores!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Sold Products

Pair Bronze-Mounted Renaissance Trophy Horns

This Pair Bronze-Mounted Renaissance Dragon Design Trophy Horns would be proudly displayed on the desk or bookcase of a man of wealth, showing for all who admired them of his superiority in his trade or game. Today these antique accessories make a fabulous focal accents in the hunt or Reneaissance theame, for bookcases or desks paired with great texture...