Antique 2nd Empire Mahogany Desk

2212-23291A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

30H x 54.5W x 30.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


This desk hails from Paris, where exotic mahogany was imported from the New World at then un-heard of prices to produce exquisite furniture destined to last for centuries. During the latter years of the Second Empire it became a custom to produce furniture in the First Empire style, with tailored, almost stark architecture adorned by lavish bronze ormolu mounts reminiscent of the spectacular gold discoveries at the time in Ancient Egypt. Combining those styles with French classicism became an icon in the design world, and we all benefit from it! The desk which features work surfaces that pull out from each side, all with their original leather. Note the continuity of the ormolu mounts making this piece truly collectible, yet surprisingly functional, able to serve you and your family for generations, and perhaps even impress a client or two!
Circa 1870.
Measures 30 x 54.5 x 30.5.