Antique Framed Oil on Canvas

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46 x 60 overall; canvas 37 x 51

Location: Baton Rouge

This superlative painting by Jan Frans De Boever (1872-1949) was painted in the early years of the 20th century to recreate a seminal work by Dutch master Frans Hals. The raiment of the men indicate they were high-ranking courtiers during the 17th centuries. The level of realism is astonishing, as is the artist's command of color, light and shadow. Survives with its original gilded frame.
The schools of art in the Utrecht area adopted the then-new style of Italian maestro Caravaggio, copying his naturalism, dramatic tenebrist lighting effects, large figures pressed into the foreground frame and the theatrically expressed everyday themes. De Boever has continued those ideals in this work, with both a dramatic flair and a definite note of deference to the masters of the 17th century.
Circa 1890-1900.
Measures 46 x 60; canvas 37 x 51.