Antique Gilded Mirrors

Adding gesso and gold leaf to frameworks and carvings developed into an art form in Europe beginning over four centuries ago, and the Antique Gilded Mirror remains the perfect addition to a well-appointed room. Not just for the formal décor anymore, Antique Gilded Mirrors can be used throughout the home or place of business.


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19th Century Italian Louis XVI Gilded Mirror

This charming antique Italian 19th century hand carved stunning gilded mirror with an amazing flowing beribboned bow frame is perfect for a niche or the powder room!  Circa 1890s. Measures 27.5 x 22.
$1,225   $2,450
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Italian Baroque Mirror

An established style for over four centuries, this Antique Mirror stands as a testament to the longevity of the Baroque movement!Circa 1890sMeasures 46H x 30W x 2D
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Antique French Louis Philippe Gilded Mirror

Louis Philippe period mirror with tailored styling and original gilt finish. Circa 1850. Measures 48 x 30.5.
$1,925   $3,850
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Antique Italian Giltwood Baroque Mirror

Intricately sculpted by master Italian artisans in a definitive expression of the Baroque style, this mirror frame is slightly tapered out from the wall which, when combined with the beveled mirror, creates an intriguing visual effect. The naturalistic representations of the woodcarving indicate a reverence for nature. Original gold leaf over gesso. Circa...
$3,289   $5,980
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19th Century French Renaissance Mirror

19th Century French Renaissance Mirror Measures 54H x 36W x 45D Circa 1870.
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Rococo giltwood mirror

Rococo giltwood mirror Measures 46.5H x 29.5W x 3.5D Circa 1890
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Italian Gilded Etched Mirror

From Italy comes this fascinating mirror, adorned with etching on the glass itself for a unique look.  Silver and gold gilding makes it a great choice for more modern decors. Measures 42.5H x 31W x 2D Circa 1930s

Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror

Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror. Circa 1880s. Measures 42 x 36.5 x 4.5.
$1,791   $3,980
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French Regence Gilded Mirror

Featuring classic and baroque motifs that are symmetrically applied across the entire arched crown, this exquisite Antique Regence French Gilded Mirror will add opulence to any room!  Shell, floral and foliate motifs abound on the crown, while the finely embossed frame leads the eye down to the upraised acanthus plumes at the bottom corners.  Original...
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19th Century Neoclassical Gilded Mirror

The splendor of the Neoclassical Revival in the latter part of the 19th century resulted in amazing works such as this gorgeous gilded mirror. With floral bouquets, garlands and sprays at the top, it features fine molded detail all the way down to the base.Circa 1880sMeasures 71.5H x 50W
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19th Century Baroque Gilded Mirror

Featuring a heraldic crest depicting a shell motif flanked by cascading floral and foliate sprays, this impressive Baroque Gilded Mirror also boasts cross-hatching and extensive molding detail surrounding the glazing.Circa 1880sMeasures 77.5H x 53.5W
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Antique French Louis XV Gilded Mirror

Antique French Louis XV Gilded Mirror was hand-crafted during the Beaux-Artes period and features original finish and mirror! Circa 1890s. Measures 73H x 48W.
$3,980   $6,980
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Antique French Louis XIV Gilded Mirror

Antique French Louis XIV Gilded Mirror represents a stunning example of Napoleon III period majesty and recalls the heady days of the reign of Louis XIV, when France arguably reached its peak as a world power. Circa 1860-1870. Measures 79H x 41.5W x 9D.
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19th Century Pair French Baroque Gilded Mirrors

Very rare to find in a Pair! This Spectacular Pair of Antique French Baroque Giltwood Mirrors with a Regence flair stand over six feet tall and are perfect for adding symmetry to a room with tall ceilings! Circa 1890s Each measures 77.5H x 28.5W Sold as a PAIR only.
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Antique French Regence Gilded Mirror

Antique French Regence Gilded Mirror was crafted at the end of the Napoleon III Period and features its original beveled glazing and silvering. Circa 1870. Measures 60H x 39W x 6D
$2,640   $4,400
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Grand Regence Gilded Mirror

This Grand Regence Gilded Mirror stands over eight feet tall, and will command an instant presence in any room!  Beautiful heraldic crest, scrollwork, foliates and detailed molding surround the glass.  Perfect for highlighting a room and for reflecting ambient light, mirrors were an important part of a room's decor in days gone by before the advent of...
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Antique French Napoleon III Gilded Mirror

Antique French Napoleon III Gilded Mirror measures over six and a half feet tall and features a stunning basket of flowers with flanking cornucopia in exquisite full relief. Original finish, mirror is new. Circa 1860s. Measures 79H x 34.5W.
$3,588   $5,980
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Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror

Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror in superlative condition and exceptional late 19th century Italian hand-crafted frame. New mirror! Circa 1880s. Measures 53 x 31.5.
$998   $2,495
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Antique French Regence Gilded Mirror

A restrained Baroque styling, the essence of the Regence period, has been recreated with gilding for an opulent look. Circa 1880s. Measures 60.5 x 37.
$1,875   $3,750
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Antique French Napoleon III Period Gilded Mirror

Featuring a stunningly lifelike presentation of lovebirds nestled amongst floral and foliate sprays enhanced by the timeless torchere & carquois de flèches, this early Napoleon III period mirror still clings to the austere overall frame as a holdover from the preceding Louis Philippe period. The perfect way to show off your room in style! Circa 1860....
$2,723   $4,950
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Antique Baroque Mirror

Boasting its original beveled glazing, this elegant mirror features an elaborately detailed baroque framework with gold finish making it perfect to add Old World ambiance to diminutive spaces, such as the bathroom, powder room, or hallway. Circa 1870s. Measures 35 x 24.5 x 3.5.
$539   $1,795
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Antique Napoleon III Mirror

This superbly preserved mirror features a step-out center section with finely crafted two-tiered molding, but the heraldic crest with florals & foliates above steals the show! Boasting its original silvering & gilding, it is in a wonderful state of preservation and will instantly transform any room into a classic style statement! Circa 1870....
$2,248   $4,495
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Antique Louis XVI Painted Mirror / Jardiniere

Designed to welcome your guests into the home, this impressive mirror and jardiniere makes the perfect hall or foyer piece! Arched crown accented with carved laurel and foliates, highlighed in gold, presides over the generous mirror and flower box below, which has also been adorned with complementary gold-highlighted motifs. Set upon tapered legs, it has...
$495   $1,980
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Louis XVI Trumeau

Louis XVI Trumeau Measures 67H x 37.5W.
$995   $1,645
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