19th Century French Napoleon III Silvered and Gilded Mirror, Ca. 1860.

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75H x 39W

Location: Baton Rouge


This impressive 19th Century French Napoleon III Gilded Mirror features exquisite detail in the design of the crown, highlighted in gold, contrasting with the tailored lines of the remainder of the frame which has been silvered for a beautiful two-tone effect combined with opulent grape vine element. As the restrain of the Louis Philippe style began to wane from the French Court, the reign of Napoleon III, France's last emperor, heralded in a new period of embellished decor that recalled most of the glory days of French design throughout centuries of history. This example, featuring the subdued embossed frame representative lines of Louis Philippe mirrors, boasts a cartouche depicting a baroque shell motif flanked by foliate sprays.

Circa 1860s
Measures 75H x 39W