English Tea Caddy Long Case Clock

2305-34355 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

95H x 16.5W x 11D

Location: Dallas


Boasting an intricately hand-carved case, this Early English Tea Caddy style clock has a rustic air about it, even though the works are more formal. The "roof" of the clock has an architectural design that was prevalent during the 18th century and extending into the early 19th century when this clock was made.  The carving is in the style of Liberty / William Morris, with a Pre-Raphaelite influence and an early example of "arts & crafts".  For the serious collector, the hands appear to have been replaced which is common with clocks of this age, and several series of restorations have been performed on it over the centuries. 
Case is circa early 1800s; the dial engraving is circa early 1700s.
Measures 95H x 16.5W x 11D.