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Securing an entryway or courtyard or simply adding a decorative touch to an opening is an art form that can be transformed with the inclusion of an antique iron panel, a grouping of antique iron panels or an antique gate. Reproducing the style, flair and quality of antique iron is quite expensive, so using beautiful salvaged antique iron and antique gates makes a lot of sense!  Inessa Stewart’s Antiques Wholesale Antique Furniture Stores!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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19th Century Italian Majolica Shrine in Cast Iron Frame

Designed to be inset into the wall, the amazing craftsmanship of this 19th Century Italian Majolica Shrine in Cast Iron Frame is truly a wonder to behold!  Not only has the earthenware been given a lifelike hand-colored and glazed treatment that is as inspiring as it is beautiful, the framework around the majolica artwork is also just as astounding in...
$1,950   $3,250
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19th Century French Wrought Iron Demilune Traverse

This 19th Century French Wrought Iron Demilune Traverse was artfully rendered from red-hot iron by an obviously talented metalsmith!   Designed to mount above the main entryway door, it features elaborate foliates and scrollwork with an intriguing hook at the center that was used to hang Christmas wreaths and other decorations to welcome visitors into the...
$990   $1,650
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19th Century Painted Wrought Iron Panel

19th Century Wrought Iron Painted PanelCirca 1860sMeasures 17H x 41W x 4D
$587   $838
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19th Century Wrought Iron Panel

19th Century Wrought Iron PanelCirca 1860sMeasures 12.5H x 35W
$408   $680
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19th Century French Wrought Iron Panel

Charming 19th Century French Wrought Iron Panel was hand-forged during the Early Art Nouveau Period.  Great to use outside in the garden and also indoors as a decorative accent!Circa 1890sMeasures 38H x 23W
$492   $848
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19th Century Paris Townhouse Wrought Iron Gate + Frame

Crafted on a grand scale in 19th century for a luxurious townhouse in Paris, this architectural antique was hand-forged and wrought iron door made for an impressive street side front door entrance. It was custom made by a master metalsmith during the Beaux Artes period, and features the initials of the original commissioner. An antique iton work of art in...
$5,805   $12,900
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Pair 19th Century Marble Top Wrought Iron French Consoles

This remarkable Pair of 19th Century Marble Top Wrought Iron French Consoles are not only rare, but represent the epitome of the iron sculptor's art with elaborately scrolled bombe forms accentuated by bold yet elegantly formed acanthus plumes.  Topped with marble they make the perfect choice for interior or exterior grandeur!Circa 1860sEach measures 35H...
$8,750   $12,500
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Antique French Art Nouveau Period Entryway Gate Set

Antique French Art Nouveau period iron gate set includes a gate and two extra panels, all hand-forged from solid iron over a century ago. Having achieved a lovely patina, they will infuse any home with historic appeal. Circa 1890s. Measures 96 x 55; panels 54 x 12 each.
$1,770   $2,950
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Antique Wrought Iron Wall Decoration

Sometimes antiques can be purely decorative, as in the case with this incredibly artistic Antique Wrought Iron Wall Decoration, featuring a bouquet bursting with flowers at its center.Circa early 1900sMeasures 52H x 30W x 3D 
$990   $1,650
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Pair Iron Doorway Gates With Transom

Imagine the heat inside the room where the blacksmith works, next to his forge heated enough to make iron red hot and more pliable.  Imagine the sheer physical exertion required to mold the red hot iron into a work of art like this stunning Pair of Iron Doorway Gates With Transom.  Still remaining together 145 years after their crafting, the intricate...
$8,940   $14,900
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Antique French Wrought Iron Window

Charming architectural accent, antique French Window Frame with Hand Forged Iron Insert. Great for special decorative touch in the home or garden. Measures 40.5H x 19W x 2D Circa 1840
$175   $350
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Pair Antique Cast Iron Decorative Panels

Sold as a pair, ironworks such as this were used to decorate both the interior and exterior of homes, adding a secure way to provide fresh air into the home that was decorative to provide visual appeal when used on an exterior wall, and a pleasant looking portal between rooms when used inside. Circa 1850s. Each measures 60.5 x 30.5.

Antique Framed Wrought Iron Panel

Wrought by a master artisan whose creative talents are displayed in the sensuous scrollwork of this panel, this work remains in its solid oak frame, ready to incorporate into your building plans, or just to hang on the wall for all to appreciate! Circa 1860s. Measures 61 x 36 x 3.5.

Antique Wrought Iron Panel

Forged by talented blacksmiths, this Antique Wrought Iron Panel is perfect for an accent indoors or out! Circa 1880s. Measures 69H x 51W.

Antique French Wrought Iron Commercial Sign

Forged with an amazing degree of detail, this Antique French Wrought Iron Commercial Sign is meant to be mounted on a vertical exterior wall. Circa 1890s. Measures 54.5 x 15.5 x 53.

Antique Cast Iron Panel

Antique Cast Iron Panel was fancifully crafted from solid iron! Circa 1890s. Measures 39.5H x 10.5W.

Antique French Wrought Iron Panel

Antique French Wrought Iron Panel was fancifully crafted from solid iron! Circa 1890s. Measures 41.5H x 26.5W.

Antique Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Forged from red-hot iron by a talented metalsmith to grace a lovely manoir, this grand panel has been salvaged and mounted with feet serve as a firescreen in a grand stone fireplace or it can be used anywhere as a divider. Circa 1860s. Measures 34.5H x 67W x 19D

Pair of Antique Painted Pilasters

This Pair of Antique Painted Pilasters are great for adding a symmetrical framework around an opening, fireplace or cased perhaps, and feature finely sculpted angels with Louis XIV-inspired styling and their original patinaed paint! Circa 1870s. Measures 46H x 6W x 4.5D

Pair of Antique Wrought Iron Gates

This Pair of Antique Wrought Iron Gates can just as easily be used as panels for walls that allow someone in one room to view another room.  Another possibility is decorating a balcony overlook.  What are your ideas? Circa 1850s. Measures together 56H x 69W

Antique Wrought Iron Panel

Add flair to any room or exterior with this skillfully forged Antique Wrought Iron Panel. CIrca 1880s. Measures 51H x 31W

Antique 19th Century Wrought Iron French Balcony Rail *

This Antique Wrought Iron French Balcony Rail section is the perfect architectural detail to add an Old World touch to your design, whether it's used inside or out! Circa 1860s. Measures 37H x 78W

Cast Iron Railing

Whether you're remodeling or building new, adding antique architectural elements always makes the design a unique expression of your good taste!  This Antique Cast Iron Railing has wonderful detail that during its day was much more common than now.  Designed to be an altar railing, grape clusters and bundles of wheat predominate the motifs, with...

Antique French Wrought Iron Gate

This stunning 19th Century Iron Garden Gate will make a great addition to any outdoor space! Use as an entryway into your courtyard or as decorative accents for a garden. The two panels are decorated with swirled iron designs and finished with subtle gold leaf accents. Measures 65H x 24.5W - total 49W Circa 1890's