Antique Flemish Framed Oil Painting on Canvas

2006-01127 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

38 x 46 overall; canvas 39.5 x 31

Location: Baton Rouge


An exceptional pastoral scene in the impressionist style, this oil on canvas retains its original frame. The artist, Karel Van Lerberghe (1889-1953), painted in the style of the Flemish visual school. He was surrounded by the natural beauty of European countryside from an early age which influenced his depictions of scenery. He is best known for his sweeping landscapes. Karel Van Lerberghe first began devoting himself to watercolors early in his carrier before switching to oils on canvas. He served at the front during WWI as an illustrator, before returning to his life as an artist. Sadly during the war most of his watercolors were destroyed. This particular work showcases his talents in blending form with color on a subtle palette with unmistakable softness that the artist conveyed so perfectly.
Belgium, Oil on canvas, Circa early 1900's.
Measures 38 x 46 overall; canvas 39.5 x 31.