Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Karpathy

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Canvas measures 39.5H x 59W; 49.5H x 69W overall

Location: Baton Rouge


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This exceptional 19th Century Hand-Painted Oil on Canvas by noted Hungarian artist Jeno Karpathy (1870-1950), who has been represented in multiple museums across northern Europe, is a wonderful example of impressionism. Combining the classic pastoral theme of a shepherd tending his flock amongst a enchanting forest setting with the deft brush strokes that define the genre, Karpathy has created not just a wonderful work of art, but a painting that evokes a feeling of contentment and pleasure, making one long for the simpler life of a bygone age. His work reveals him as a sensitive impressionistic painter with wonderful abilities in his attention to the dramatic natural elements of nature, water, clouds, storms and radiant sunbeams. 
Karpathy was trained at the Paris Julian Academy and Academy of Brussels. His works have been featured in expositions in Antwerp, Brussels and Gent. A retrospective of his work was exhibited in 1940 in Debrecen, and several of his works are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Hungary.

Survives in its original carved wood gilded frame.
Circa 1890s.
Canvas measures 39.5H x 59W; 49.5H x 69W overall.