Antique French Framed Oil Painting on Canvas by Paul Ballaert

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Canvas 20 x 29.5; overall 28 x 37.5

Location: Dallas


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In this original Antique French Oil Painting on Canvas signed by artist Paul Ballaert, the artist has skillfully produced his interpretation of the Dutch school of painting. The Dutch school of painting was popular during the Renaissance’s Golden Age during the 16th century and its subsequent revival during the 19th century in France and troughout Europe.  Its tenets combined human interest with the pastoral splendor of European Country life ~ with perhaps with a little whimsey.  The artistic colors are still vibrant and engaging in this European work of art.  It survives on a grand scale with its beautiful original ebonized and burnished gold-trimmed frame.

Circa 1880s.
Canvas measures 20 x 29.5; overall 28 x 37.5.