Vintage Oil Painting by F. Bouton

2207-23581 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

31 x 47.5; 36 x 51.5 overall

Location: Baton Rouge


This work by F. Bouton, dated 1922, depicts a more intimate, closeup view of a flock of sheep than is typical of the genre. Survived with its original gold frame, it showcases the artist's attempt to show the unity of the flock in their single-minded goals of young grass in the meadow with fresh water in the brook just beyond. Bouton has placed charming animals together in a well-balanced vista of Nature found in the lush, green European countryside. His keen sense of balance and composition are equaled by his choice of palette in oils.
Circa 1922.
Measures canvas 31 x 47.5; 36 x 51.5 overall