Antique Tapestries

The antique tapestry was originally designed to serve a dual purpose: to provide color and texture to otherwise bleak stone walls, and to also insulate an interior from the coldness of the stone in winter. From the Flemish masters to the house of Aubusson, antique tapestries have been beautifying castles, manoirs, and homes for centuries. The color and texture that an antique tapestry provides cannot be duplicated with any other art form!  Inessa Stewart’s Antiques Wholesale Antique Furniture Stores!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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19th Century Grand Trumeau with Aubusson Tapestry

19th Century Grand Trumeau with Aubusson Tapestry is a splendid way to add timeless panache to your room, while adding a dash of color, texture, and even the reflective properties of a mirror, all in one!  This example showcases an exquisite hand-woven Aubusson tapestry that depicts a classical urn in a formal courtyard filled with a dazzling bouquet of...
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Louis XVI Style Aubusson Hand Made Wool Tapestry

This incredible Louis XVI style tapestry was hand-woven utilizing the antique pure wool technique that originated in Aubusson, France over 200 years ago. Rich crimson and olive hues have been employed to create a stunning floral spray, artfully represented with scrupulous attention to detail and gradation of tone. The result is an astoundingly clear...
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Antique Pastoral Tapestry

This beautiful Antique Pastoral Tapestry was woven in subdued yet vibrant colors to depict the preparaton for a hunt on the outskirts of a quaint medieval village.  The classical bordering provides a wonderful framework, and the historial perspective is clearly illustrated in the garments worn by the men as well as the architecture of the village.  Look...
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GRAND Antique French Renaissance Tapestry

This Antique French Renaissance Tapestry was crafted on a GRAND scale, and depicts a stunning and vibrant pastoral scene with an abundance of green colors predominating the work.  Measuring almost eight feet tall and over 16 feet wide, it is perfect for covering a large wall with vibrant colors, textures, and sheer amazing artistry!Circa early...
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Antique Italian Sucre de Herb Tapestry

This incredible Antique Italian Sucre de Herb Tapestry by artist Lago depicts the Madonna with the Infant Jesus in her lap accompanied by two angels, and exhibits subtle yet varied coloration typical of the genre, where dyes and paints are made from various herbs and fruits to skillfully create an image on linen and woven fabrics, resulting in exquisite...
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Framed Hand-Woven Needlepoint Tapestry

Recently framed and professionally matted, this lovely Framed Hand-Woven Needlepoint Tapestry depicts a colorful interior scene of an old home in Northern Europe during the winter, with furnishings and decorative accents typical to the 19th century.As of this writing, a companion framed tapestry by the same artist is available!Circa...
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Framed Hand-Woven Needlepoint Tapestry

Recently framed and professionally matted, this lovely Framed Hand-Woven Needlepoint Tapestry depicts a colorful interior scene of an old home in Northern Europe during the winter, with furnishings and decorative accents typical to the 19th century.As of this writing, a companion framed tapestry by the same artist is available!Circa...
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19th Century Petite Point Giltwood Framed Tapestry

This stunning 19th Century Petite Point Giltwood Framed Tapestry depicts the Virgin Mary holding an infant Jesus in a boat crewed by angels in a remarkable feat of artistic weaving including needlepoint around the main petite point work at the center.  Housed in its original giltwood frame, it features a pleasing oval shape with flowing ribbon cascading...
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Antique Flemish Tapestry

Featuring a tranquil pastoral scene with a chateau in the background, this elegant Antique Flemish Tapestry carries on the tradition of weaving tapestries that dates back to the first millenium, when such fabrics were used to decorate and cover the cold stone walls of castles and manors to create a more beautiful and comfortable home.Circa early...
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Pair 19th Century Framed Tapestries

Depicting an exquisitely rendered avian scene, this Pair of 19th Century Framed Tapestries will add subtle color and texture to any room, plus the element of symmetry!  The size makes them ideal for creating a small panorama, with the intrigue of jungle creatures combined with classical architecture in the background, surrounded by lush vegetation.Circa...
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Framed Antique Italian Tapestry

Framed Antique Italian Tapestry This charming Framed Antique Italian Tapestry depicts a leisurely genre scene illustrates an idyllic rural lifestyle. Men are seated around a table playing music and conversing while a busker solicits tips for his dancing monkey. Incredibly detailed, paying particular attention to facial expressions and foliage....
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Italian Hunt Style Framed Sucre de Herb Tapestry

Glorifying the country life and beauty of nature, this Framed Sucre de Herb Tapestry is perfect for a masculine decor, and depicts a a hunter in the field with his trusty companion! Circa 1890s. Measures 51.5 x 20. Fisherman measures 54 x 23.5;
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Sold Products

Antique Flemish Tapestry

Perfect for the masculine décor! Circa 1890s. Measures 73.5 x 80.

PAIR of Antique Oudenaarde Tapestries

Very Rare! PAIR of tapestries from Oudenaarde. Circa 1830s. Each measures 72.5 x 79.

Grand 17 Century Oudenaarde Flemish Antique Tapestry

Flemish tapestry makers have been considered the finest in the world for centuries, and specimens such as this exquisite example are a clear explanation why. This tapestry hailed from the storied city of Oudenaarde where from 15th century to 18th century, Oudenaarde was a world-known centre of tapestry production. Such amazing works graced the lavish...

Vintage Flemish Tapestry

Vintage Flemish Tapestry depicts a classic woodland scene, and features its original bordering and loops at the top into which one can insert a hanging rod. Circa early 1900s. Measures 63H x 84W

Set of Four Italian Tapestry Cartoons

Perfect for creating a stunning wall grouping, this set of four tapestry cartoons were used to guide the weavers and sucre d'herb artisans in their hand painted creation of tapestries for the export trade. Representing various floral crests, each is a work of art unto itself, representing truly classic design that remains timeless. Because they were not...

Italian Romantic 18th Century Style Framed Tapestry

Romantic soft original pastel colors survive splendidly with this Italian Framed Tapestry. We estimate it was woven in the early 1900s in Italy. It depicts a garden party at 18th century chateau setting. Original gilded frame adds to an overall look of splendor. This vintage piece stretches almost 5′ vertically, making it a perfect object to mount above a...

Pair of Framed Antique Tapestries

Depicting two different hunt scenes, this Framed Pair of Antique Tapestries are perfect for adding texture as well as color to the room.  The floral bordering adds a nice touch.  Such tapestries were original designed for two purposes~ to decorate as well as insulate against the cold stone walls of the castle! Circa 1900-1910. Measures 74.5H x 50.5W

Antique Tapestry

This lovely Antique Tapestry was woven to depict a superlative pastoral scene where apparently love is blooming during the harvest season.  Maintaining its rich coloration, it will be perfect for adding visual interest and texture to any room. Circa early 1900s Measures 56.5H x 44W

Framed Needlepoint Tapestry

In Italy during past centuries it was customary to frame decorative Needlepoint Tapestries to protect them, and we are certainly glad they did!  Many Flemish and French tapestries became very distressed on the edges which receive the most abuse.  The colors are still vibrant in this brilliant depiction of an idyllic forest scene with a majestic stag...

19th Century Flemish Sucre de Herb Tapestry

Hand-painted in the Sucre de Herb method, this superlative 19th Century Tapestry was designed after the works of David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690) who rose to prominence during the Renaissance alongside the masters such as Peter Paul Reubens.  It illustrates a village party, or fais do-do as the French would call it, which was a village celebration in...

Framed needlepoint

Framed needlepoint Measures 44H x 36W overall, needlepoint 34.5H x 26.5W Circa 1900-1910

Framed Antique Sucre de Herb Tapestry

Using natural dyes like paint on a canvas, the artisans who created this Sucre de Herb tapestry were truly talented, creating a woven look but with a technique entirely different!  Popular in Italy, such tapestries were often framed which is our good fortune as such treatment preserves the edges where the fabric would otherwise wear quickly.  This example...

Framed tapestry

Framed tapestry Measures 32.5H x 68W x 1D Circa 1910

19th Century Framed French Baroque "Sucre de Herb"...

This impressive 19th Century Framed French Baroque "Sucre de Herb" Tapestry features a romantic courtship scene with a young man serenading the object of his affection with bagpipes, with sheep in the foreground. The intricately carved frame only adds to the mystique!  The technique of painting fabric with colors originating from natural plant sources is...

19th Century Framed Needlepoint Tapestry of Hunter

19th Century Framed Needlepoint Tapestry of Hunter retains vivid coloration in the artistically rendered portrait, portrayed in its original Baroque-inspired hand-carved wooden frame!Circa 1890sMeasures 38H x 30.5W

Antique Italian Woven Wool Tapestry

Depicting a tranquil pastoral scene, this Antique Italian Woven Wool Tapestry features muted, pastel earth tones predominated by subtle greens and depicts a lovely forest with a pond as the focal point.  Ideal for adding texture and softness to a decor!Circa early 1900sMeasures 56H x 4W 

19th Century Hand-Woven Wool Flemish Tapestry

Flemish tapestries have been held in the highest esteem for many centuries in Europe, and this excellent 19th Century Hand-Woven Wool Flemish Tapestry is a perfect example!  Meticulously loomed with the highest quality wool, such examples, when properly cared for, can last for a thousand years.  This exquisite work of art depicts an extraordinary pastoral...

Pair 16th Century Flemish Hand-Woven Tapestries

Pair of 16th Century Hand-Woven Flemish Tapestries depict a recreational outing in the forest on one side, with the other depicting a hunting scene.  Colors are still surprisingly vibrant after all these centuries, and the talent that it took to weave the picture out of thread is truly amazing!  Perfect for adding soft textures to otherwise bland walls....

Antique Hunt Tapestry

Antique Hunt Tapestry is a colorful way to add texture to any room, especially suited to the masculine decor! Circa mid-1900s Measures 79H x 79W