Antique Framed French Tapestry

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87.5H x 44; overall 90H x 46.5

Location: Dallas


Depicting an idyllic rural scene of a family that occupies the local water mill, this antique French tapestry is an excellent historical reference, as well as a superlative work of art! Rendered in meticulously worked needlepoint and petit point, the edges have been protected by a giltwood frame at some point in its history, it has been remarkably well preserved. Note the mother, son and family pet fishing in the foreground, with a young maiden hanging clothes to dry in the bright Provencal sun, with another in the upstairs window observing the tranquil scene. Excellent depiction of lush forest vegetation and even birds on the wing makes this an excellent choice for the art aficionado!
Circa 1880s.
Measures 87.5 x 44; overall 90 x 46.5.