Grand 17 Century Oudenaarde Flemish Antique Tapestry

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112H x 143W

Location: Dallas


Flemish tapestry makers have been considered the finest in the world for centuries, and specimens such as this exquisite example are a clear explanation why. This tapestry hailed from the storied city of Oudenaarde where from 15th century to 18th century, Oudenaarde was a world-known centre of tapestry production. Such amazing works graced the lavish chateaux and manoirs of kings, dukes, and very high-ranking clergymen. Woven in late 17th century entirely by hand with skilled hands, it depicts a lush forest scene, but the bordering makes it truly unique, telling a tale of military exploits that the family's ancestors commemorated in this art form. Measuring right at twelve feet in width and over nine feet tall, it will make an impressive wall display for your very own chateau!

Measures 112H x 143W.

Circa Late 17th ~ Early 18th century.