Antique Vitrines and Bonnetieres

The Antique Bonnetiere, or Small Wardrobe, was the perfect solution to provide storage immediately inside the home into which a lady could keep her outer garments and bonnets. Gentlemen soon followed suit with the Antique Homme Debout, which we see on a rare occasion. Some clever artisan placed glass instead of wood panels in the framework, and voila, the Antique Vitrine, also known as the Antiqe Curio Cabinet, was born!  Called a curio cabinet by the English, the Antique Vitrine is a perfect way to display your coveted collection or prized family heirlooms. The Antique Bonnetiere serves as a small armoire in any room where a full size armoire simply won’t fit.  Find an incredible assortment of Antique Vitrines, Antique Curio Cabinets, Antique Bonnetieres, Antique Small Armoires, and Antique Small Wardrobes at Inessa Stewart Antiques Online Wholesale Antique Showroom!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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19th Century Country French Weathered Oak Stripped...

Crafted by skilled Country French artisans outside the mainstream antique furniture manufacturing operations that sprung up at the end of the Industrial Revolution, this handsome petit armoire, so called because of it's diminutive size, features a very subtle Louis XIV style influence coupled with bold molded detail and corbels atop the cornerposts....
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18th Century French Solid Cherrywood Bonnetiere

Crafted from solid cherrywood, this handsome 18th Century French Bonnetiere features bold molding, framework and apron, with inlays of satinwood, heart walnut, and burl walnut. Note the double-pegged mortise & tenon joinery of the way this historic antique furniture was constructed, which truly has stood the test of time. Fitted with its original...
$2,970   $4,950
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19th Century French Walnut Neoclassical Vitrine-Bookcase

Hand-crafted in the Neoclassical Style from Fine French Walnut, this handsome Nineteenth Century French Bookcase is small enough to serve as a Curio Cabinet, or Vitrine! Columns flank the glazed upper tier topped with bold molded detail for a timeless effect.Circa 1890sMeasures 86.5H x 46.5W x 19D
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Renaissance Raised Bookcase-Vitrine

Renaissance Raised Bookcase-VitrineCirca mid-1900sMeasures 69.5H x 51W x 17.5D
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19th Century French Renaissance Cabinet-Bonnetiere

Nineteenth Century French Renaissance Cabinet-BonnetiereCirca 1870Measures 52H x 31.5W x 17D
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19th Century Country French Regence Bookcase-Vitrine

Nineteenth Century Country French Regence Bookcase-Curio Cabinet (Bibliotheque-Vitrine)Circa 1880sMeasures 84H x 59.5W x 22D
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19th Century Antique Neoclassical English Pine Corner...

Drawing upon the architecture of ancient Greece, the artisans who built this stunning Antique Corner Cabinet from old-growth yellow pine knew a thing or two about craftsmanship! With an arched dome inside enhanced by a pair or arched glazed upper doors, it features surprising storage below, making a corner of your room both beautiful and productive! Circa...
$1,470   $2,450
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19th Century French Louis XVI Painted Polychrome...

Charming little Antique French Louis XVI Vitrine allows one to display on top and store on bottom with style! Boasting cneoclassical design, hand-carved embellishment, caned panel and display, all with original patinaed painted finish. Of particular interest is the carved basket bursting with flowers overlaid atop the caned bottom panel. Darling and...
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French Renaissance Vitrine - Bookcase

French Renaissance Vitrine
$1,134   $1,890
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Antique French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine, Ca. 1890.

This stunning antique furniture features a variety of attributes not normally found in one artifact. First, this French 19th century Louis XVI Vitrine has been designed along the classic architecture that so enamored Marie Antoinette. Second, it has been fitted with trim overlay on the glazing on all three sides to create unusual visual interest. Third,...
$1,473   $3,980
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19th Century French Walnut Vitrine

This elegant Antique French Vitrine was hand-crafted from select French walnut and features 16 original beveled panes and exquisite hand-carved detailing. Circa 1890s. Measures 74.5H x 64W x 15.5D.
$1,791   $3,980
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19th Century French Napoleon III Ebonized Vitrine

This interesting 19th Century French Napoleon III Period Ebonized Vitrine (Display Cabinet) features an ebonized finish enhanced by satinwood inlay and cast bronze bordering and ormolu mounts.  Perfect for displaying your prized colleciton! Circa 1860s Measures 41H x 30.5W x 13.5D.
$975   $3,250
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Antique Country French Bonnetiere

Crafted from solid French cherry wood with original steel hinge and keyguard; full width drawer. Circa 1860s. Measures 95.5 x 46 x 26.
$2,392   $5,980
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Antique Country French Corner Vitrine

This charming Antique Country French Corner Vitrine provides the answer to what in most homes would otherwise be a useless or "dead" corner.  Adding style and verve, it also allows one to display a cherished collection or perhaps some family heirlooms.  Carved with shell and foliate motifs, it features a complex faced facade with subtle bowfront that...
$1,313   $3,980
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Rustic Country French Gothic Cabinet

Rustic Country French Gothic Cabinet blends casual with timeless in style!Circa early to mid-1900sMeasures 60.5H x 43W x 17D
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Rustic Country French Vitrine

Rustic Country French Vitrine Measures 69.5H x 29.5W x 15D Circa 1870.
$1,950   $3,250
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Antique Country French Brittany Garde Manger

Interchangeable for all practical purposes with a bonnetiere or petite armoire, the Antique Country French Brittany Garde Manger was originally designed as a kitchen cabinet. This example has been whimsically carved in the typical fashion of the charming peoples of Brittany who enjoy a particular joie de vivre! Circa 1880s. Measures 79H x 40W x 19.5D.
$963   $2,750
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Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine

Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine with was sculpted from exotic imported mahogany with original beveled glazing, marble top and cast bronze dore ormolu mounts. Circa 1890s. Measures 59.5H x 40.5W x 18.5D.
$2,390   $4,980
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19th Century Gothic Media Cabinet - Wardrobe

Representing the epitome of the Gothic style, this amazing Media Cabinet - Wardrobe was meticulously hand-crafted from solid oak and the entire facade lavished with intricate geometric, moorish and linenfold motifs. A display shelf below adds visual interest. Forged steel strap hinges add a nice Old World touch, plus allow the doors to open wide making...
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Antique English Mahogany China Buffet/Bookcase

Crafted from exotic mahogany, this stately antique English china buffet will store and display your finest with aplomb! Subtle carved accents of floral swags and rosettes provide visual appeal, along with the architecture which includes an oval main glass pane. Perfect as a bookcase, as well. Circa 1900. Measures 77.5H x 48W x 13.5D.
$747   $4,980
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English Curio Cabinet

English Curio Cabinet Measures 74H x 26W x 16.5D Circa 1880.
$1,350   $2,250
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19th Century Renaissance Wall Vitrine

Featuring stylized carvings inspired by the Renaissance, this 19th Century Wall Cabinet, or Vitrine in French, is the perfect way to display in any room!Circa 1860sMeasures 22H x 23W x 8.5D

English Curio Cabinet

This Antique English Curio Cabinet is perfect for a small niche, and features subtle inlaid bordering and its original beveled glass to afford a splendid view of your finest collection or family heirloom.  Not as tall as typical French vitrines, it can also serve as a convenient surface in the dining room, library, office, or anywhere one wishes to...
$583   $1,295
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Antique 17th Century French Louis XIII Bonnetiere

Crafted on a grand scale from French old-growth walnut, this rare hard to find 17th century Antique Country French Bonnetiere or Armoire exhibits the pyramidal form and bold molded detail prevalent during the latter half of 1600's in rural country side near Lyon, France. An antique original patina finish enhances rustic elements of thick, solid walnut of...
$2,988   $4,980
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