Antique Vitrines and Bonnetieres

The Antique Bonnetiere, or Small Wardrobe, was the perfect solution to provide storage immediately inside the home into which a lady could keep her outer garments and bonnets. Gentlemen soon followed suit with the Antique Homme Debout, which we see on a rare occasion. Some clever artisan placed glass instead of wood panels in the framework, and voila, the Antique Vitrine, also known as the Antiqe Curio Cabinet, was born!  Called a curio cabinet by the English, the Antique Vitrine is a perfect way to display your coveted collection or prized family heirlooms. The Antique Bonnetiere serves as a small armoire in any room where a full size armoire simply won’t fit.  Find an incredible assortment of Antique Vitrines, Antique Curio Cabinets, Antique Bonnetieres, Antique Small Armoires, and Antique Small Wardrobes at Inessa Stewart Antiques Online Wholesale Antique Showroom!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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Pair Antique Country French Painted Bookcases

Yes, it's a Pair Antique Country French Painted Bookcases!  Hand-crafted and carved to perfection with scrolls, acanthus leaves and wildflowers, this mirror image pair are slender and tall, perfect for today's open floor plans!  Asymmetrical arched & glazed frameworks on top rest over a pull-out surface, a drawer, and a surprisingly spacious cabinet....
$3,588   $5,980
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French Oak Neoclassical Vitrine ~ Bookcase

Charming French Oak Neoclassical Vitrine ~ Bookcase in Louis XVI style.Circa early 1900sMeasures 67H x 51.5W x 19D
$953   $1,985
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French Art Deco Burl Wood Vitrine - Cabinet

This intriguing French Art Deco Burl Wood Vitrine - Cabinet features an amazing display of veneering across the facade blending a variety of exotic burl woods and imported mahogany to create a visual feast for the eyes!  Subtle carved detailing adds to the effect.  An arched center section with glazing below allows you a modicum of display, with the rest...
$1,323   $1,890
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19th Century Dutch Wall Vitrine ~ Curio Cabinet

Charming 19th Century Dutch Wall Vitrine ~ Curio Cabinet Circa 1850s Measures 30H x 28W x 9D
$686   $980
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19th Century Country French Neoclassical Walnut Vitrine

19th Century Country French Neoclassical WalnutVitrine features classical embellishment hand-carved into the sumptuous French walnut with the added grace of curvaceous French scrolled designs in the crown and door panels and legs. Original hand-forged steel hardware!Circa 1870sMeasures 90H x 39.5W x 20.5D
$2,388   $3,980
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19th Century Antique Rustic Dutch Cabinet

Called an Homme DeBout by the French, which is the masculine counterpart to the Bonnetiere, this handsome 19th Century antique Rustic Dutch Cabinet features a cabinet above and below separated by a full width drawer.  Crafted from dense, old-growth oak to last for generations!Circa 1840sMeasures 74.5H x 45W x 26D
$990   $1,650
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Antique Country French Bonnetiere ~ Armoire

This charming Antique Country French Bonnetiere ~ Armoire features a square-rigged sailing ship carved into the top panel!  The perfect width for that special niche, it makes a great addition to any room that needs a tad more storage in style!Circa turn-of-the-centuryMeasures 72H x 30W x 16.5D 
$870   $1,450
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French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine, Circa 1880

The French vitrine reached a pinnacle of style during the second half of the 19th century, as evidenced by this charming superlative example. Featuring its original painted finish that has achieved a lovely patina, it boasts beveled glazing on three sides, with glass shelves backed by silk fabric inside. Tailored architecture is enhanced by gilded bronze...
$1,980   $4,950
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Antique Italian Walnut Renaissance Bookcase ~ Vitrine

Sculpted to perfection from fine Italian Walnut by master artisans, this impressive Antique Italian Renaissance Bookcase ~ Vitrine features Romanesque overtones in the architecture.  Tapered and fluted columns provide a framework for the exquisitely glazed door panels, with a superbly sculpted crown above, finely detailed molding below, and even glass on...
$4,186   $5,980
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Antique Rustic Spanish Kitchen Cabinet

Antique Rustic Spanish Kitchen Cabinet, hand-crafted from solid sycamore and fitted with hand-forged strap hinges and lockworks, makes a great choice for the rustic or casual decor!  Ideal as a bookcase, as well.Circa early to mid-1900sMeasures 65H x 43.5W x 14D
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Italian Pair Art Deco Marquetry Vitrine/Cabinets

Italian Pair Art Deco Marquetry Vitrine/Cabinets Measures 47H 14W x 13D
$2,625   $3,750
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Antique Country French Walnut Vitrine

Hand-crafted from fine French Walnut, this handsome Antique Country French Vitrine features incredible visual impact combined with incredible functionality, all rendered in timeless provincial style!  Scrolled apron and legs combine with the glazed upper tier (perfect for displaying your family heirlooms), accentuated by floral, shell & foliate...
$1,639   $2,980
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19th Century Country French Regence Buffet/Bookcase

Nineteenth Century Country French Regence Bookcase-Curio Cabinet (Bibliotheque-Vitrine)Circa 1880sMeasures 84H x 59.5W x 22D
$2,269   $3,980
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18th Century Country French Solid Cherrywood...

Crafted from solid cherrywood, this handsome 18th Century Country French Armoire/Bonnetiere features bold molding, framework and apron, with inlays of satinwood, heart walnut, and burl walnut. Note the double-pegged mortise & tenon joinery of the way this historic antique furniture was constructed, which truly has stood the test of time. Fitted with...
$2,871   $4,950
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Early 19th Century Rustic Louis XIV Vitrine ~ Bookcase

THis handsome Early 19th Century Rustic Louis XIV Vitrine ~ Bookcase was designed on a relatively diminutive scale, making it the perfect choice for creating an Old World accent in a cozy niche or narrow space!  The painted finish has achieved an amazing patina over the centuries, and with surprising storage below given the shallow depth, and wonderful...
$2,786   $3,980
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19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Vitrine with...

Stunning in its extraordinary detail, this 19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Vitrine has been hand-carved entirely from sumptuous walnut from the crown to the base, with a combination of molding designs too numerous to mention here!  Of particular note are the pair of mirror-image Mermaids that are spiraled around the lower support columns.  Ideal...
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19th Century English Curio Cabinet

Ideal for displaying your special collection or family heirlooms, this 19th Century English Curio Cabinet displays the influence of the so-called "Chinese Chippendale" styling that was a reflection on the craze for all things Oriental during the 1800s in Europe.Circa 1880sMeasures 75H x 38W x 17D 
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19th Century English Mahogany Corner Curio Cabinet

This 19th Century English Mahogany Corner Curio Cabinet (a Vitrine in France) is an excellent example of fine English cabinetry, and indicative of the prosperity that was enjoyed at the end of the 19th century.  For one to be able to afford a corner cabinet of this quality, much less the keepsakes that would be displayed within, was a mark of affluence,...
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French Empire Painted Marble Top Vitrine, ca. 1870

French Empire Painted Marble Top Vitrine, ca. 1870 A characteristic example of the French Empire style, this 19th Century Painted Vitrine has it all: sleek lines, brass mounted ornaments inspired by the classic motifs of Greek and Roman times and a gorgeous marble top. It is ideal for storing and displaying prized possessions, with a restrained gray...
$1,593   $2,450
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Rustic Country French Painted Gothic Cabinet

Beautifully whitewashed cabinet, elegantly decorated with minimalist quatrefoil motifs reminiscent of Gothic architecture. Cabinet doors open to an ample shelved interior and sit above a long drawer. This piece includes original hardware that creates stunning visual interest against the white painted doors.Circa early to mid-1900sMeasures 60.5H x 43W x 17D
$981   $1,850
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19th Century Country French Fruitwood Bonnetiere

This generously sized 19th Century Country French Bonnetiere beautifully crafted from solid French cherry wood with original raised cornice and the scrolled apron as well. Hand made steel hinges allow the door to swing wide, making it a good choice to house an entertainment center, and the matching steel keyguards complete the look; full width drawer....
$1,973   $5,980
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Italian Art Deco Vitrine ca. 1920

AIt is interesting how each region and country in Europe interprets the various styles that have developed over the centuries, and this Italian expression of the Art Deco style is a perfect example!  Art Deco Vitrines like this are not only visually appealing, but quite functional as well, with a generous display area inside ~ but design features like...
$2,268   $3,780
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19th Century French Chinoiserie Painted Bonnetiere

This Petite Armoire, or Bonnetiere, is an excellent example of a 19th Century French Chinoiserie Painted Bonnetiere, with Oriental-Inspired Scenes Hand-Painted as original works of art on every panel ~ preserved in remarkably vivacious coloration!  Set on a burgundy painted framework, perfect for contrast, it features its original bronze dore...
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Antique English Corner Curio Cabinet

Antique English Corner Curio Cabinet in MahoganyCirca 1900-1910Measures 69.5H x 29W x 15.5D; 17" corner to edge
$1,386   $1,980
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Antique Gothic Two-Tiered Petite Cabinet

Exhibiting a transitional style from the Renaissance, this interesting Gothic Two Tiered Cabinet was carfted from solid oak on a diminutive scale, making it perfect for that special spot in your home or office!  Foliates and carved half-columns combine with the forged iron strap hinges for a lovely Old World effect.Circa early 1900sMeasures 41.5H x 28W x 16D
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19th Century French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine

Designed to display one's most cherished collection, this elegant 19th Century French Vitrine was hand-crafted in the Neoclassical Style so favored by King Louis XVI.  Given a gold painted finish, it also boasts an original oil painting in an oval frame of a colorful still life on the panel below.  Glazed on three sides to allow natural light in, yet with...
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19th Century Country French Painted Corner Vitrine ~...

19th Century Country French Painted Corner Vitrine ~ Curio CabinetCirca 1880sMeasures 83H x 39W x 17D
$1,188   $1,980
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19th Century English Rosewood Curio Cabinet

Beautifully hand-crafted from the King of woods ~ Rosewood ~ this elegant English Curio Cabinet was most likely designed for the Music Room, and features fine inlay of Satinwood and Lemonwood in a timeless Greek Urn design.  Glazed lower cabinet allows for display, with storage behind the marquetry cabinets above, and a generous surface backed by a...
$977   $1,395
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19th Century French Renaissance Carved Bookcase ~ Vitrine

19th Century French Renaissance Carved Bookcase ~ Vitrine features bold relief depicting Della Robia and the wheat & grape harvest.  Such exquisite Antique Furniture was reserved only for the most affluent, who could not only afford the education and books that went inside, but also the hefty price of commissioning a specific design, such as this...
$3,346   $4,780
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Antique French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine, Ca. 1890.

This stunning antique furniture features a variety of attributes not normally found in one artifact. First, this French 19th century Louis XVI Vitrine has been designed along the classic architecture that so enamored Marie Antoinette. Second, it has been fitted with trim overlay on the glazing on all three sides to create unusual visual interest. Third,...
$1,473   $3,980
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19th Century Gothic Wall Vitrine ~ Curio Cabinet with...

19th Century Gothic Wall Vitrine ~ Curio Cabinet with SconceCirca 1850s
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19th Century French Louis XV Mahogany Vitrine With Ormolu

Louis XV Mahogany Vitrine With Ormolu Measures 82H x 37.5W x 16D Circa 1860.
$5,910   $9,850
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French Directoire Inlaid Vitrine ~ Bookcase

French Directoire Inlaid Vitrine ~ Bookcase Circa early 1900s As of this writing, the entire suite is available, described as follows: Hand-crafted from solid cherry wood with inlaid heart walnut, this amazing dining room suite has remained intact for decades! Consisting of a table with its original leaf, six chairs, a vitrine (curio cabinet) which can...
$1,485   $1,980
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Antique Italian Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine

Topped with rouge marble, encrusted with cast bronze ormolu mounts, and crafted from the finest woods, this Antique Italian Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine is the perfect way to display your most cherished family heirlooms! Circa 1890s. Measures 67.5H x 33W x 14.5D.
$3,947   $5,980
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19th Century Dutch Cabinet

19th Century Dutch Oak Hand Carved Cabinet Antique Furniture, Circa 1840s Measures 61H x 49W x 16D
$993   $1,985
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Sold Products

Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Vitrine

Carved with splendid detail from the arched crown to the door panel below, this elegant vitrine will make the perfect display vehicle for you to show off your prized collection or cherished family heirlooms. Boasting intricately intertwined laurel garland overlays above and the classic torchere & fascis in relief below, it is glazed on three sides to...

Monumental Antique French Louis XIV Vitrine

Never before have we encountered such a magnificent example of the premier artisanry of late 19th century French craftsmanship executed in a display case such as this! Sculpted from dense, old-growth French white oak, chosen for its durability and hardness, it features elaborate pierce-carved floral, foliate and rosette motifs comprising the base, each...

Antique Italian Rococo Walnut Vitrine

Perfect for displaying your prized collection or precious family heirlooms, this elegant vitrine is glazed on three sides to allow ambient light to illuminate the interior. Glass shelves allow even better viewing, and the serpentine sides provide visual appeal. The glazing is framed by contoured molding with pierce-carved apron and scrolled legs with...

Antique Country French Walnut Wall Vitrine

Intriguing hand-carved wall vitrine for displaying your special collection or family heirlooms. Circa 1890s. Measures 40.5 x 20 x 12.

Vintage Country French Walnut Vitrine

Vintage Country French Walnut Vitrine with hand-carved embellishment. Circa early 1900s. Measures 78 x 33 x 18.

Antique French Brittany Bonnetiere

carved all across the façade in French oak, this Antique French Brittany Bonnetiere is the perfect piece for a narrow space, ideal for welcoming in the family near an entryway, between a pair of windows, or anywhere a compact storage piece is required! Circa 1860s.Measures 82H x 34.5W x 18.5D

Antique French Louis XVI Painted Display Buffet

Original painted Parisian finish with hand carved neoclassical style elegant embellishments and marble top make this a unique find! Circa 1870s. Measures 39.5 x 40 x 21.

19th Century French Walnut Vitrine

This elegant Antique French Vitrine was hand-crafted from select French walnut and features 16 original beveled panes and exquisite hand-carved detailing. Circa 1890s. Measures 74.5H x 64W x 15.5D.

Antique Regence Grand Vitrine

Sculpted from select French red oak by the master artisans of Paris, this impressive vitrine has been raised upon an elaborately hand-carved base for a truly unique effect. The pierce-carved apron boasts shell, floral and foliate motifs in perfect symmetry, framed by the boldly scrolled cabriole legs which sport shell, foliate and escargot scrolls. The...

Early 19th Century Country French Fruitwood Bonnetiere

Absolutely stunning antique early 19th century Country French bonnetiere, boasting incredible original patina of solid fruitwood. The beautiful and delicate carvings are exceptional and special ~ stunning scrollwork on the door panel and apron contrast markedly with the tailored, straight architecture of the case in this antique furniture, with its...

Antique French Louis XVI CORNER Vitrine

Antique French Louis XVI Corner Vitrine is a truly rare find, indeed!   An original work of art has been hand-painted on the bowfront lower panel which provides a visual platform for the cherished family heirlooms that appear in the curved glazed upper tier.  Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany, it has been lavished with finely detailed, jewelry...

Antique Country French Bonnetiere

These Antique Country French Bonnetiere which are really just miniature armoires, never go out of style, and are always just the ticket for that special niche! Circa 1880s. Measures 75 x 36.5 x 20.

Antique Country French Vitrine from Bresse

Hand-crafted from solid French fruitwood and fitted with burl walnut panels, this charming vitrine hails from Bresse, where the local artisans applied their signature look to create a perfect addition to your home or office. Circa 1880s. Measures 65 x 55 x 16.

19th Century French Stripped Oak Louis Philippe Homme...

Benchmade from solid French oak, this masculine rare variation on the bonnetiere features four cabinet doors, two centered drawers and a full width drawer at top. Circa 1840s. Measures 64H x 41W x 18D.

Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine

Antique French Louis XVI Marble Top Vitrine with was sculpted from exotic imported mahogany with original beveled glazing, marble top and cast bronze dore ormolu mounts. Circa 1890s. Measures 59.5H x 40.5W x 18.5D.

Antique Rustic French Vitrine

Built to last for generations from dense old-growth oak. Circa 1840s. Measures 69.5H x 35W x 19.5D.

Antique Country French Brittany Garde Manger

Interchangeable for all practical purposes with a bonnetiere or petite armoire, the Antique Country French Brittany Garde Manger was originally designed as a kitchen cabinet. This example has been whimsically carved in the typical fashion of the charming peoples of Brittany who enjoy a particular joie de vivre! Circa 1880s. Measures 79H x 40W x 19.5D.

Antique English Mahogany China Buffet/Bookcase

Crafted from exotic mahogany, this stately antique English china buffet will store and display your finest with aplomb! Subtle carved accents of floral swags and rosettes provide visual appeal, along with the architecture which includes an oval main glass pane. Perfect as a bookcase, as well. Circa 1900. Measures 77.5H x 48W x 13.5D.

Rustic Country French Bonnetiere

The artisans of rural France may not have had the sophisticated cabinetmaker's tools and equipment, but they were still able to produce fully functional furnishings, such as this example. With only the top panel carved in a stylized geometric pattern, it was surely intended to serve as a storage place for boots, outerwear and the like, and stood guard...

Antique Louis XVI Painted Vitrine

This stunning triple vitrine, set upon tapered and fluted legs, is fitted with beveled glass for display of your finest collectibles and cherished family heirlooms. Highlighted with carved floral wreath, swags and rosettes finished in gold, it features a raised demi cabinet flanked by two candle shelf pedestals overlooking a display surface. Just below,...

19th Century Country French Bonnetiere

Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth French white oak to last for generations, this carming bonnetiere exudes a rustic elegance that will blend perfectly with your casual or Country French decor. Five chamfered panels on each side combine with three on the door, the latter of which are carved with charming provincial motifs including a crowing rooster on...

Antique Provencal Walnut Vitrine

A well-appointed home in Provence should have a place to display the family's most cherished heirlooms, and the vitrine was the method of choice! Hand-sculpted from fine French walnut, this example boasts a chapeau de gendarme cornice, a basket of wildflowers in full relief with bas relief floral and foliates adorning the remainder of the facade, plus a...

Antique Country French 19th century Homme Debout

Rendered from solid old-growth French oak in the early part of 19th century, this handsome antique bonnetiere was designed to stand guard by the door for generations! Classic scrolled door framework and cornerpost treatment are enhanced by the boldly molded crown and intricately contoured chamfered panels. Note the pegged mortise & tenon joinery. A...

Antique French Gothic Corner Vitrine

Hand-crafted by master artisans in the most aged style in France's history, this Antique French Gothic Corner Vitrine features storage and display, all fitted into a part of the room that is normally wasted space.  The detail in the glazing is truly a wonder to behold.  The drawer pivots on a center pin for a unique touch.  The lower cabinet provides...

French Louis Philippe Period Vitrine/Bookcase

Crafted from exotic imported flame mahogany that was painstakingly shipped over as logs in three-masted sailing freighters, this Antique French Louis Philippe Period Vitrine could also serve as a diminutive bookcase.  The simple, austere lines of the style make it a favorite of designers, knowing that it will never clash with any other styles in the room....

Antique French Louis XVI Vitrine

This Antique French Louis XVI Vitrine is an exquisite classical masterpiece with cast bronze and burl panels with original beveled glass!  Framing your prized heirlooms or cherished collection to perfection, light enters through three glazed sides and through the glass shelves so interior electric lighting is not really needed.  Discreet storage below is...

19th Century French Louis XVI Walnut Hand Carved Petit...

Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Petit Armoire, exudes all the elegance and functionality of its larger cousins, only on a  scale!  Because both relief carvings depict a variety of musical instruments, it was designed for a musical family, or a music room to store small instruments with its adjustable shelves. Circa 1890s. Measures 60H x 40.5W x 19.5D

Antique 17th Century French Louis XIII Armoire/Bonnetiere

Crafted on a grand scale from French old-growth walnut, this rare hard to find 17th century Antique Country French Bonnetiere or Armoire exhibits the pyramidal form and bold molded detail prevalent during the latter half of 1600's in rural country side near Lyon, France. An antique original patina finish enhances rustic elements of thick, solid walnut of...

Antique French Renaissance Homme Debout

Hand-crafted from old-growth French walnut, this very unusual piece is a configuration of the homme debout we've not encountered in all our years in this business! A cabinet at the center with a single door is hung by forged steel hinges, and rests on a slightly larger base, separated by a tier of molding, which houses two full-width drawers....

19th Century French Louis XVI Painted Polychrome...

Charming little Antique French Louis XVI Vitrine allows one to display on top and store on bottom with style! Boasting cneoclassical design, hand-carved embellishment, caned panel and display, all with original patinaed painted finish. Of particular interest is the carved basket bursting with flowers overlaid atop the caned bottom panel. Darling and...

Antique Italian Neoclassical Gilded Vitrine

Hand-crafted antique Italian furniture as this Antique Italian Neoclassical Gilded Vitrine only get better with time. Carved from walnut was given a painted gilt finish that has achieved a patina over the decades, this elegant vitrine glazed front door and sides for ideal display. Spiral ribbon, laurel garland, Pierced Greek coin, and tapered & fluted...

Antique Louis XVI Vitrine

This particular vitrine, with mahogany casework tailored to the Louis XVI manner, has been lavished with jewelry quality bronze dore and a brass rim around the top. Glazing on three sides means you don't need electric lighting inside. Support is provided by subtly scrolled legs with bronze dore mounts, but perhaps the most appealing aspect are the three...

Vintage Spanish Renaissance Vitrine

Benchmade from indigenous oak, this vitrine with beveled glass has a definite masculine feel, and is raised up on bandsawn legs connected with finely wrought iron supports. Display your collection in style! Circa early 1900s. Measures 70.5H x 44W x 22D.

French 19th Century Louis XVI Marquetry Vitrine

Parisian artisans who created this exceptional display case ~ called a vitrine in France ~ hand crafted the marquetry to carefully orient the grain patterns and emphasize the casework with satinwood inlay. The vitrine features elaborate and stunning jewelry-quality bronze ormolu mounts of cherubs on the shoulders above, and a stunning fruit basket on the...

Antique Bressan French Vitrine

Country French vitrine from Bresse is perfect for the casual décor, with burl wood panels. Circa 1880s. Measures 73H x 46.5W x 16.5D.

Rustic Antique Country French Homme Debout

Hand-crafted in the Directoire style but by skilled rural artisans, this wonderful artifact survives with its original steel barrel hinges, drawer pull and keyguard. The gentleman's answer to the bonnetiere. Solid French oak. Circa 1790-1800. Measures 80.5H x 41.5W x 22D.

Antique French Louis XVI Marquetry Vitrine

This Antique French Louis XVI Marquetry Vitrine combines original works of marquetry artwork on the panels, undulating bombe and serpentine casework form, stunning bronze ormolu mounts, curved glazing to follow the sensuous contours of the casework, and a variety of exotic and prized indigenous woods. A wonderment of the incomparable artisanry that...

Country French Pannetiere Vitrine

Only One Left! Designed after the classic Country French breadbox, or pannetiere, this wall vitrine will also work well atop a buffet, mantel or counter. Hand-crafted from fine hardwood and carved with delightful provincial motifs like wildflowers and foliates, it features the typical arched crown, accented with seven turned finials. Contoured and carved...

Antique French Napoleon III Ebonized Bookcase/Vitrine

Sculpted by master artisans from fine French walnut then ebonized to emulate the then-popular Oriental black lacquer finishes, this impressive Antique French Napoleon III Ebonized Bookcase/Vitrine can serve in the office, study, library, or anywhere a collection could be displayed.  Mitered corners with carved corbels and the step-front center section add...

Antique Country French Corner Vitrine

This charming Antique Country French Corner Vitrine provides the answer to what in most homes would otherwise be a useless or "dead" corner.  Adding style and verve, it also allows one to display a cherished collection or perhaps some family heirlooms.  Carved with shell and foliate motifs, it features a complex faced facade with subtle bowfront that...

Country French Walnut Vitrine

Benchmade from blonde walnut, this Vintage Country French Vitrine is the perfect cabinet to display your prized family heirlooms or most precious collectibles.  Simply scrolled panels, legs and apron with a modicum of carved motif allows the focus to remain on the contents within that are illuminated naturally by glass on all three sides and an internal...

Antique French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine

Lavished with relief carvings from crown to base, this elegant Antique French Louis XVI Painted Vitrine boasts beveled glazing on all three sides with glass shelves so interior lighting is unnecessary.  Floral swags at the top combine with the richly stylized foliate on the lower panels, connected with spiral ribbon molding.  Original painted finish has...

19th Century Italian Painted Vitrine

A spectacular Italian furniture crown detail and elegant Empire styling enfuse this exquisite vitrine we found in Rome. The architectural drama of this exquisite Italian hand-crafted vitrine features a wonderfully patina original painted finish that has been embellished with hand-carved motifs from the crown to the tips of the legs, all beautifully...

Antique French Renaissance Bonnetiere

Festooned with artistic hand-carved relief across the entire facade, this Antique Renaissance Bonnetiere is a diminutive version of the armoire, designed to fit neatly near entryways and provide storage for outer garments.  These days their uses are much expanded, and this type of furnishing serves as cabinet space anywhere in the home or office.  This...

Antique Country French Vitrine

Featuring styling inspired by the rococo movement, a favorite of Louis XV, this Antique Country French Vitrine was hand-crafted from solid fruitwood, and features carved embellishments from the cartouche atop the arched crown to the boldly scrolled apron and legs below.  Intriguing cross hatching appears on the panel, below the generous glazed panes above...

Antique Brittany Vitrine

Featuring all the charm of the lush, rolling countryside and endless miles of seashore, Antiques from  Brittany like this wonderful Vitrine (curio cabinet) would be the pride of any family, housing and displaying their most cherished heirlooms and prized collections.  This example features the typical carved embellishment on indigenous white oak, with a...

English Curio Cabinet

This Antique English Curio Cabinet is perfect for a small niche, and features subtle inlaid bordering and its original beveled glass to afford a splendid view of your finest collection or family heirloom.  Not as tall as typical French vitrines, it can also serve as a convenient surface in the dining room, library, office, or anywhere one wishes to...

Stunning Etched Glass French Bookcase

This stunning Antique Louis XV Walnut Bookcase boasts its original etched glass above, while supertly sculpted lower door panels lead the eye to the remarkable apron.  The cornerposts have been lavished in the select wood, with an arched crown centered with an asymmetrical shell with floral and foliate motifs, a hallmark of the rococo style! Measures...

Italian Painted Display Case

This finely crafted, 19th century Italian Vitrine Display Table has all of the features you would want to showcase your prized collection of treasures!  Note the hinged glass top and also the table which includes a convenient drawer with its original hardware for extra storage. The lidded top is hinged so heirlooms can be easily added or removed. The...

19th Century Country French Renaissance Weathered Oak...

Crafted by skilled Country French artisans outside the mainstream antique furniture manufacturing, this handsome petit armoire, so called because of it's diminutive size, features a very subtle Renaissance style influence coupled with bold molded detail and corbels atop the cornerposts.  Brass pulls and keyguards with double fleurs de lys add a nice...

Gothic Oak Cabinet

Rendered from solid oak, this handsome piece will make a great addition to any masculine decor!  Forged iron strap hinges match the keyguards, all with stylized fleurs de lys.  Circular geometric panels, sixteen in all, adorn the doors, and are flanked by cornerposts carved with subtle Gothic motif. Measures 58H x 59.5W x 20D Circa mid 1900

Vintage Sheraton Corner Bookcase

Only rarely do we find Antique Corner Bookcases in this fantastic state of preservation!  This example was hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany and features satinwood and boxwood marquetry inlay, a curved façade and diamond shaped glazing.  Such pieces are not only ideal for displaying your most cherished family heirlooms, they also utilize an...

Antique French Renaissance Vitrine

Exceptional carved detail with display above and storage below! Circa 1850s. Measures 88H x 38W x 20D.

19th Century French Louis XV Bombe Marble Top Vitrine

Sculpted from select French walnut in a manner blending the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, this Antique 19th Century French Bombe Vitrine was then topped in contoured and beveled Sienna marble to create a wonderful way to showcase your most cherished collectibles!  The carved embellishment includes foliates, florals, bell flowers, shell, acanthus leaf and...

19th Century French Napoleon III Ebonized Vitrine

This interesting 19th Century French Napoleon III Period Ebonized Vitrine (Display Cabinet) features an ebonized finish enhanced by satinwood inlay and cast bronze bordering and ormolu mounts.  Perfect for displaying your prized colleciton! Circa 1860s Measures 41H x 30.5W x 13.5D.

French 19th Century Marquetry Buffet / Vitrine

Vitrines were designed to showcase an owner's prized possessions or special collection.  This wonderful Antique Classic Vitrine from the Napoleon III period features fine French construction, bronze ormolu mounts, and a porcelain cameo for a special touch! Measures 42.5H x 42.5W x 13.5D Circa 1860s

18th Century Rustic Country French Vitrine from Normandy

This charming 18th Century Rustic Country French antique Vitrine from Normandy dates back to a time when antique furniture was completely crafted by hand in the local village's woodworking shop.  Techniques used we are hand-made and included pegged mortise and tenon joinery. This lovely vitrine also features its original forged steel key-guard and hinges...

English Curio Cabinet

English Curio Cabinet Measures 74H x 26W x 16.5D Circa 1880.

Early 19th Century Country French Bonnetiere ~ Armoire

Hailing from Provence, this marvelous 19th Century Country French Bonnetiere (small armoire) was crafted during the early years of the 19th century by talented rural artisans from local fine French walnut, and hand-carved to perfection with shell, floral and foliate motifs atop the intricately scrolled panels and framework of the door.  The door is held...

18th Century Provencal Vitrine

Furniture from Provence has always been distinctive, and this Antique Vitrine a Deux Corps is no exception, with a confiturier at the bottom and glass on top to display your most cherished family heirlooms!  Hand-crafted by master artisans in a rural setting, it exudes all the Country French charm for which one could ask!Circa 1780sMeasures 89H x 27.5W x 18D

Piemontese Walnut Vitrine

Displaying your most cherished family heirlooms just got a little more elegant when placed inside this Antique Piemontese Walnut Serpentine Vitrine, with leaded glass panels so the light dances all around your collection!Circa 1900-1910Measures 78H x 46W x 20D

19th Century Gothic Media Cabinet - Wardrobe

Representing the epitome of the Gothic style, this amazing Media Cabinet - Wardrobe was meticulously hand-crafted from solid oak and the entire facade lavished with intricate geometric, moorish and linenfold motifs. A display shelf below adds visual interest. Forged steel strap hinges add a nice Old World touch, plus allow the doors to open wide making...

19th Century Renaissance Armoire

This very unusual Renaissance style Armoire was crafted from solid oak, and features three carved and finely molded frames set above a lower shelf, held aloft by carvings of winged angels! Fletching motif adorns the cornerposts, with shell gadrooning separating the top from the base. Forged steel strap hinges complete the look.Circa 1880sMeasures 75H x...

Antique French Cabinet from Brittany

This intriguing Antique Brittany Cabinet was designed for the kitchen as a garde manger, or food cabinet.  The spindle railing at the center of each of the door panels allowed fresh air to enter, which was believed at the time to be a healthful thing.  The doors consist of four separate and distinct works of the woodworker's art depicting inhabitants of...

19th Century Renaissance Wall Vitrine

Carved with angels, foliates and an urn, this handsome 19th Century Renaissance Wall Cabinet or Vitrine in French, boasts adjustable shelves inside!Circa 1850sMeasures 26H x 20W x 7D

19th Century Renaissance Wall Vitrine

Featuring stylized carvings inspired by the Renaissance, this 19th Century Wall Cabinet, or Vitrine in French, is the perfect way to display in any room!Circa 1860sMeasures 22H x 23W x 8.5D

19th Century English Curio Cabinet

19th Century English Curio Cabinet can also double as a small bureau and bookcase!Circa 1900-1910Measures 72.5H x 30W x 18D

19th Century Country French Buffet A Deux Corps

Handcrafted by rural artisans in 1830’s this Country French Buffet A Deux Corps will surely continue to stand the test of time! We discovered this rustic and charming Buffet A Deux Corps in the Normandy region of France. Styled with an elegantly crown molded cornice, intricate moldings and serpentine apron, crafted in the solid French oak - aged to a...

PAIR 19th Century Venetian Baroque Painted Polychrome...

PAIR 19th Century Venetian Baroque Painted Polychrome Vitrines are a colorful way to display your most precious collection or cherished family heirlooms!  Each features leaded panes for display and discreet storage below behind the artfully carved and painted door panels.  The boldly arched crowns are festooned with shell, floral and foliate motifs in a...

19th Century French Walnut Neoclassical Vitrine-Bookcase

Hand-crafted in the Neoclassical Style from Fine French Walnut, this handsome Nineteenth Century French Bookcase is small enough to serve as a Curio Cabinet, or Vitrine! Columns flank the glazed upper tier topped with bold molded detail for a timeless effect.Circa 1890sMeasures 86.5H x 46.5W x 19D

19th Century French Renaissance Cabinet-Bonnetiere

Nineteenth Century French Renaissance Cabinet-Bonnetiere makes a great choice for a diminutive niche.  Hand-carved with stylized motifs, it features an upper and lower cabinet with central drawer, all adding a wonderful Old World look to any room!Circa 1870Measures 52H x 31.5W x 17D

19th Century Rococo Rosewood Bookcase ~ Vitrine

19th Century Rococo Rosewood Bookcase ~ Vitrine is ideal for showcasing your most cherished collection or family heirlooms in inimitable style!Circa 1880sMeasures 89H x 35W x 19D

19th Century Country French Walnut Bookcase ~ Vitrine

Hand-carved from fine French walnut, this stately yet casual example of Country French style at its finest was created in an unusually narrow design, making it ideal for cozy wall spaces! Carved with shell, floral and foliate motifs, it boasts an arched, glazed upper tier that allows display of your finest collectibles, with a convenient drawer separating...

19th Century English Corner Curio Cabinet

19th Century English Corner Curio CabinetCirca 1880sMeasures 79H x 31W x 18D

18th Century French Renaissance Walnut Raised Cabinet

18th Century French Renaissance Walnut Raised Cabinet would be considered the pride and joy of the Lord or Lady of the Manoir!Circa 1770sMeasures 74H x 43W x 14D

19th Century French Renaissance Display Buffet

19th Century French Renaissance Display Buffet is ideal for the collectorCirca 1860sMeasures 44H x 51W x 21D

19th Century Country French Confiturier ~ Vitrine ~...

19th Century Country French Confiturier ~ Vitrine ~ Curio CabinetCirca 1870s

19th Century French Neoclassical Corner Bookcase ~...

19th Century French Neoclassical Corner Bookcase ~ Vitrine is adorned with lovebirds plus torchere et carquois de fleche and intricate molded detailing with floral and foliates in abundance!Circa 1850s

19th Century English Mahogany Vitrine/Bookcase

Elegant 19th Century English Mahogany Petit Bookcase is a masterpiece of craftsmanship on a diminutive scale!  Perfect for a special niche or cozy spot, it has carved laurel leaf shaped ornament atop the glass to afford an easy viewing of the precious items on display inside.  The exotic mahogany chosen was prized, as it still is today, for its sheer...

PAIR 19th Century Gothic Armoires

It is very rare to discover a Pair of Gothic Armoires, and this pair is even more unusual in having drawers atop the doors. Hand-carved linenfold panels adorn the facade, and forged iron hinges and keyguards add a medieval touch.Circa 1870sEach measures 73H x 35W x 19D

19th Century French Corner Cabinet/Vitrine - Bookcase

This 19th Century French Corner Vitrine - Bookcase was hand-crafted from solid oak and given an arched crown called a chapeau de gendarme in France, after the hats the police used to wear.  Upper glazed tier allows you to show off nicer books or collections, with storage below provided by the convenient drawer and cabinet.  A modicum of carved...

Antique Country French Vitrine ~ Bookcase

This charming Country French Vitrine ~ or Bookcase, is definitely on the Rustic side of the design, yet it features a chapeau de gendarme cornice and serpentine sides with a bowfront dominated by scrolled panels on the doors and a huge cresting wave on the apron.  Four scrolled legs with escargot feet provide support.  Hand-crafted to literally last for...

Antique Stripped Gothic Cabinet - Bonnetiere

Fully carved from solid White Oak with Linenfold Motif, this handsome Antique Gothic Cabinet features a Stripped Finish and forged iron strap hinges to create a more timeless and masculine look.Circa early to mid-1900sMeasures 58H x 49.5W x 19.5D 

Antique French Oak Cabinet / Vitrine

Antique French Oak Cabinet / Vitrine Circa 1890's Measures 70H x 32.5W x 15D

19th Century Liegoise Bookcase - Vitrine

Hand-crafted by the master artisans of Liege, this excellent 19th Century Liegoise Bookcase - Vitrine was created from solid quarter-sawn oak to last for centuries, and features the trademark Louis XIV Styling that is typical of the region.  Hand-carved embellishments and a graceful arched crown centered with a shell motif stand out.Circa 1890sMeasures...

19th Century French Louis Philippe Walnut Vitrine

Ideal for the office, this 19th Century French Louis Philippe Walnut Vitrine/Bookcas* provides great storage and display possibilities. The shelved interior is lined with elegant green fabric and is enclosed by two glass doors. As is expected of the Louis Philippe style, decoration is minimal and thoughtfully placed. In this case, a gray marble top,...

19th Century Gothic Petit Armoire

Hand-carved to perfection, this Late 19th Century Gothic Petit Armoire is short of stature, but makes up for it in width and Old World charm!  Bold forged iron strap hinges punctuate the finely carved panels and astragal, making this a truly special piece for that cozy nook!Circa 1895Measures 68.5H x 54.5W x 16.5D

19th Century Flemish Renaissance Vitrine ~ Bookcase

Distinctively carved and embellished, this handsome 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Vitrine ~ Bookcase features carved angels' heads, fine fluting and raised panel work, with faux tortoise shell painting to add opulence and visual intrigue!  Small enough to be considered a large confiturier, yet large enough to serve usefully as a buffet or office piece,...