Monumental Antique French Louis XIV Vitrine

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Location: Dallas

Never before have we encountered such a magnificent example of the premier artisanry of late 19th century French craftsmanship executed in a display case such as this! Sculpted from dense, old-growth French white oak, chosen for its durability and hardness, it features elaborate pierce-carved floral, foliate and rosette motifs comprising the base, each with delightful angels holding forth on the cornerposts. Note that even the inside of the support structure is carved to perfection, even a cross the stretcher centered with sculpture that could stand alone on its own merits. Just above, double arched foliate and florals are carved to surround the glazing, with banded wheat cornerposts providing stylish support. The top with its contoured and recessed crown, has been carved to perfection as befits a work of this magnitude. Ready for the museum, or to display your most cherished family heirlooms for all to appreciate!
Circa 1870.
Measures 76.5 x 51.5 x 19.5.