Antique Wood Mirrors

From simplistic designs to elaborate naturalistic Black Forest works, finely carved Antique Mirrors provide an Old World ambiance of the Renaissance look, or perhaps the refined elegance of the Baroque style ~ making the Antique Carved Wood Mirror a top choice for today’s designers.   Inessa Stewart’s Antiques Wholesale Antique Furniture Stores!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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19th Century Black Forest Mirror

Featuring an elaborate crest intertwined with shell floral and foliate motifs, this amazing 19th Century Black Forest Mirror was sculpted from French Walnut, making it a most unusual example of the genre!  Foliates abound in glorious full relief around the entire frame, with hand-carved egg & dart molding providing the transition to the glazing of the...
$2,438   $3,750
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19th Century Italian Carved Wood Painted Marble Top...

Spectacular hand crafted crown detail and elegant Neoclassical Italian styling infuse this exquisite all carved in wood by hand 19th Century Italian Carved Wood Painted Marble Top Console with Mirror. Each can be mounted separately giving you more latitude in your decorating. Original beveled mirror and marble on console combine with patina period painted...
$1,992   $4,980
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Antique Dutch Renaissance Hand Carved Solid Oak...

This handsome  Antique Dutch Renaissance Mirror has been hand  carved in solid oak across the entire facade by a talented rural artisan and features a pierce-carved crown plus birds, feathered panels and floral rosettes.  Original beveled mirror completes the look. Splendid and charming antique. Measures 39H x 41W x 4D Circa 1880s
$289   $498
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19th Century French Louis Philippe Mahogany Mirrored...

The natural beauty of the exotic imported wood on this 19th Century French Louis Philippe Mahogany Mirrored Shelf is a wonderful material to carve into exotic scrollworks and stylized shell motifs, creating a wall-hanging display vehicle for your favorite family heirlooms!Circa 1850sMeasures 48.5H x 47W x 12D
$984   $1,640
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Grand 19th Century French Renaissance Mirror

Measuring a full eight feet tall, this Grand 19th Century French Renaissance Mirror is perfect for providing a panoramic reflection of your room, enhancing ambient light, and doing it with timeless style!  Hand-crafted from fine French Walnut to last for generations!Circa 1870sMeasures 96H x 46W 
$980   $1,960
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19th Century French Renaissance Mirror

19th Century French Renaissance mirror will create bold visual impact in any formal decor. The original silvered glass is framed by hand carved giltwood scrollwork. Another layer of embellishment in ebonized wood creates a unique sense of dimension and contrast. The look is finished with an impressive pierced crest in similar motifs, a true testament to...
$989   $1,498
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Italian Walnut Carved Wood Regence Mirror

Italian Walnut Carved Wood Regence Mirror Circa 1900-1910 Measures 41.5H x 37W
$493   $985
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Antique Wrought Iron Rustic Mirror

Antique Rustic Mirror with Wrought Iron Frame is great for the casual decor!Circa early 1900sMeasures 27H x 20W 
$479   $798
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19th Century Arched Window Mirror

This 19th Century Arched Window Mirror features multiple panes and an iron frame that includes a chamfered panel on the lower section.  Ideal as a wall accent or to install as an actual exterior accent or as a mirror for a rustic interior decor.Circa 1860sMeasures 88H x 27W
$2,086   $2,980
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19th Century French Regence Carved Wood Mirror

19th Century French Regence Carved Wood MirrorCirca 1890sMeasures 51.5H x 37.5W
$1,680   $2,800
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Art Deco Hand Carved Mirror

Art Deco Period Hand Carved Mirror Circa 1930s
$197   $298
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Antique French Oak Gothic Mirror

Antique French Oak Gothic Mirror Measures 82H x 49W x 9D Circa 1850.
$788   $1,750
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19th Century Black Forest Carved Wood Mirror

19th Century Black Forest Carved Wood Mirrors make perfect choices for bathrooms or areas where one needs a masculine touch!  Hand-sculpted to perfection by talented artisans, each is a work of art unto itself.  this particular example evokes an amazing depiction of realistic grapevine, leaf and grape cluster motifs all around the original mirror!Circa...
$1,925   $2,750
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19th Century Renaissance Carved Mirror

Perfect for that Old World touch, this handsome 19th Century Renaissance Carved Mirror features a three-dimensional design that projects the main mirror out into the room for interesting visual effect.Circa 1880sMeasures 52H x 44W
$1,250   $2,500
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19th Century French Walnut Neoclassical Mirror

Impressive 19th Century French walnut Neoclassical mirror with original beveled glass. The frame carved with banded wheat decoration and foliate motifs. An outstanding example of the modern elegance of the Neoclassical style. Circa 1890sMeasures 63.5H x 43W
$990   $1,650
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Antique French Louis XVI Mirrored Shelf

Perfect for dressing up any wall, this Antique French Louis XVI Mirrored Shelf was rendered from select imported mahogany and features a superlatively carved crown. Circa 1890s. Measures 36H x 78W x 13D
$990   $1,650
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Antique Renaissance Revival Carved Wood Mirror

This stunning example of the Renaissance Revival with supremacy of artisanal capabilities of the sculptors from the Black Forest region is truly an amazing example of the art.  Hand-carved from solid old-growth oak, it was presented as a gift to a worthy recipient, commemorating his Maltese Cross medal, won through valor in battle, as well as other motifs...
$2,990   $5,980
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19th Century French Pair of Oak Stripped Carved Wood...

Antique 19th Century French Pair of Stripped Oak Hand Carved Wood Mirrors Measures 24.5H x 18.5W Circa 1860 Sold as a pair.
$998   $2,495
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19th Century Antique French Louis XVI Painted Trumeau...

Incredible 19th Century Antique French Louis XVI Painted Trumeau Mirror features its original painted finish with gold highlights on solid hand-carved wood mirror frame is perfect for adding a Country French Flair to any room.  The exquisite Oil Painting combines with the generous mirror to provide a lovely reflection of your room, while the classic,...
$2,786   $3,980
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19th Century Country French Walnut Mirror

This Rustic yet Elegant Late 19th Century Country French Mirror was fashioned from fine French Walnut and features a bold chapeau de gendarme crown with carvings including a basket of flowers, olive branches and foliates.  Crafted on a little grander scale than most, it's ideal for a big space!Circa 1890sMeasures 72H x 62W x 4D 
$1,925   $2,750
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Antique Louis XVI Painted & Gilded Oval Mirror

Created in an uncommon horizontally oriented oval shape, this wonderful Antique Louis XVI Oval Mirror features spectacular detail from top to bottom!Circa early 1900sMeasures 42H x 44W 
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Antique Empire Style French Mirror

Perfect for adding a timeless classical touch to your décor, this Antique Antique Empire Style French Mirror boasts its original beveled mirror and bronze ormolu mount. Circa 1900. Measures 68.5 x 41.5.
$495   $1,650
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Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror

Perfect for a special niche or the powder room, this Antique Italian Giltwood Mirror features its original gilding atop exquisite Venetian hand-carved detail! Circa 1880s. Measures 32H x 23W x 3D.
$1,192   $2,980
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19th Century Flemish Renaissance Carved Wood Mirror

This handsome 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Carved Wood Mirror is just the right size to add a masculine touch to any room, with an Old World presence that will warm up any space!  Sculpted from old-growth oak.Circa 1850sMeasures 69H x 42W
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Mid - Century Italian Gilded Wood Sunburst Mirror

A great decorative accent, this Mid-Century Sunburst Mirror features a giltwood carved wood frame. Measures 26.5 in diameter Circa 1950's
$557   $795
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Antique Italian Luigi XVI Walnut Mirror

Perfect for the vanity or behind a sink, this Antique Italian Luigi XVI Mirror was sculpted from fine Italian walnut in a very pleasing oval shape which is enhanced by the meticulous detail of the artistically sculpted adornment. Circa 1890s. Measures 31.5H x 50W x 25D
$389   $1,295
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19th Century French Louis XVI Neoclassical Mirror

Hand-carved from solid French Walnut, this elegant 19th Century French Louis XVI Neoclassical Mirror depicts the timeless motifs that have survived for several millennia, and is sure to add an elegant touch to any room!Circa 1880sMeasures 42H x 24.5W 
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19th Century French Painted Trumeau

Elegant 19th Century Country French Trumeau is boasting an original painted finish that has achieved a lovely patina. Featuring a classical scene on the oil painting above, with a generous beveled mirror below, all surrounded by carved embellishments for an opulent yet somewhat casual elegant look!Circa 1890smeasures 74H x 50W x 3D
$2,192   $3,480
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Hand Forged Wrought Iron Mirror Frame

This stunning Hand Forged Wrought Iron Mirror Frame "Home is were the heart is"" was hand-crafted during the early 1900s boasting an exuberant flair and floral bouquet design. Measures 28H x 19W
$349   $498
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Art Deco Mirror

Art Deco Mirror makes a great choice for a mid-century powder room or hallway mirror.Circa 1930s

19th Century Hand-Carved Hand Mirror

19th Century Hand-Carved Hand MirrorCirca 1880sMeasures 13H x 7W
$249   $498
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19th Century Rococo Carved Wood Beveled Glass Mirror

19th Century Rococo Hand-Carved Wood Beveled Glass MirrorCirca 1870sMeasures 31H x 19.5W x 2D

Regence walnut backsplash mirror

Regence walnut backsplash mirror Measures 23.5H x 52.5W x 4D Circa 1890s

19th Century French Regence Style Carved Wood Mirror

19th Century French Regence Style Carved Wood Beveled MirrorCirca 1890sMeasures 37H x 27W x 1D

Art Deco Period Italian Baroque Dressing Mirror

Featuring a carved walnut frame, this mirror is the perfect choice above the bathroom sink or above a chest of drawers to add a little flair and reflecting surface in the room. Circa early 1900s. Measures 32.5 x 50 x 2.5.
$99   $495
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Backsplash Mirror with Marble

Hand-carved from sumptuous French walnut and featuring a heraldic crest with cornucopia sprays atop the beveled mirror, this backsplash mirror is perfect above casted openings or even in the bath.  Marble inserts enhance the beauty of the beautifully carved molding surrounding the entire affair. Measures 24H x 48W. Circa 1890s.
$359   $598
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Vintage Louis XVI Walnut Mirror

The tailored, simple lines of the Louis XVI style have been artfully rendered to provide a framework for this subtly arched mirror, topped with a carved heraldic crest and laurel sprays. Circa early 1900s. Measures 23 x 43 x 3
$119   $395
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Vintage Louis XV Walnut Backsplash Mirror

Perfect for a horizontal space, backsplash mirrors such as this splendid example were originally designed to serve above the surface of a buffet, with the mirror reflecting ambiant light. This example survives with its original oval beveled mirror, and features a hand-carved ribbon bow atop the arched crown molding, with molded and scroll-shaped shoulders...
$238   $475
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French Cabinet with Mirror

Fitted with a pair of convenient drawers, this Antique French Backsplash Mirror is great for converting a table or commode into a dresser or vanity.  Carved from fine French walnut, it features a classical style. Circa early 1900s. Measures 24H x 56W x 10.5D
$398   $795
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Sold Products

Antique Country French Mirror

A charming provincial look with carved embellishment and original mirror. Circa 1880s. Measures 43 x 29.5.

Antique Napoleon III Mahogany Mirror

Rendered in exotic imported mahogany. Circa 1870s. Measures 29.5 x 20.

Antique French Renaissance Mirror

Featuring a wonderfully rustic natural finish, this Antique French Renaissance Mirror boasts superb hand-carved detail. Circa 1870s. Measures 89 x 51.

Antique Italian Baroque Carved Wood Mirror

Elaborately hand-carved from fine Italian walnut. Circa 1890s. Measures 44 x 21.

Vintage Louis XVI Mirror with Ormolu

Exuding a classic style that is the hallmark of the Louis XVI genre, this mirror boasts an arbalette crown festooned with bronze ormolu mounts. Circa early 1900s. Measures 42H x 47W x 3D

Antique Brittany Mirror

This Antique Mirror hails from Brittany, where a particularly distinctive style evolved over the centuries.  Renaissance-inspired demilune motifs surround the original beveled glass, while a brace of musicians are depicted on the crown supporting a regionally-typical spoked wheel which alludes to both the farmer's cart and the captain's ship's wheel....

19th Century French Renaissance Mirror

Perfect for the masculine Old World look, this handsome 19th Century French Renaissance Mirror features fully sculpted figures on each side of the original beveled mirror, with bold molding and carvings above and below for a stunning effect.Circa 1850s.Measures 41.5H x 22W x 4D 

PAIR Antique Italian Neoclassical Mirrors

Yes, it's a pair of Mirrors! Sculpted from fine Italian solid walnut in the style derived from ancient Greek and Roman architecture, this pair of mirrors is truly timeless. Perfect for \"his & hers\" bathroom vanity sinks! Circa 1900-1910. Italy.Each measures 44.5 x 52.

Antique French Carved Wood Mirror

Beautifully carved frame and oval shape make this Antique French Carved Wood Mirror perfect for the niche or powder room. Circa 1880s. Measures 22H x 16W.

Antique Flemish Baroque Mirror

No one can deny the artistic capabilities of Belgian artisans, and this Antique Flemish Baroque Mirror is a perfect example! Note the intricate hand-beveling on the mirror. Circa 1880s. Measures 38.5 x 20.

Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Vanity Mirror

Exquisitely sculpted from solid French walnut, this mirror features a beveled oval glazing surrounded by a framework that only a master artisan could produce! Circa 1890s. Measures 20.5 x 39.5

Antique French Renaissance Hall Mirror

This unique Antique French Renaissance Hall Mirror is ideal for the masculine décor and features superlative hand-carved detail!  From the bold relief that appears from top to bottom we can see sculptures of a knight in armor and various weapons of war, as well as crests of kings.  Original forged iron spikes are there for one's coat or hat to hang.  A...

Antique French Carved Mirror from Brittany

This Antique French Carved Mirror from Brittany is the perfect way to create a whimsical Country French look! Circa 1870s. Measures 53.5H x 33.5W x 4D.

Vintage Italian Baroque Carved Wood Mirror

Elaborately hand-carved in the Italian Baroque manner, this handsome mirror is just the right size for a cozy niche or powder room. Stylized foliates predominate, and the frame-within-a-frame style surrounds the original beveled mirror. Circa early 1900s. Measures 26 x 18.

Vintage Italian Neoclassical Mirror

Vintage Italian Neoclassical Mirror is perfect for the powder room or vanity! Circa mid-1900s. Measures 43H x 43W x 3.5D

Vintage French Neoclassical Mirror

Carved from solid French walnut in a splendid representation of the neoclassic style, with original beveled mirror. Circa early 1900s. Measures 18.5 x 37.

Antique French Empire Mahogany Mirror

Crafted from exotic imported mahogany, cast bronze mounts and original beveled mirror. Circa 1870s. Measures 71H x 51.5W x 5D.

French Art Deco Hall Tree

French Art Deco Hall Tree Circa 1930s. Measures 80.5H x 33W x 9.5D

Antique Regence Grand Mirror

Perfect for large spaces such as above the fireplace mantel, this imposing Vintage French Regence Mirror was crafted on a grand scale and has just enough hand-carved flourish to accent your decor! Circa early 1900s. Measures 72H x 72W

Antique Pair of Carved Walnut Framed Mirrors

Even more rare than pairs of gilded mirrors, Pairs of Antique Carved Walnut Framed Mirrors are exceedingly hard to find!  This pair, wonderfully well preserved, feature a refined Black Forest styling yet were rendered from walnut indicating that they were commissioned to match actual Black Forest furnishings in the original home in which they were...

Antique Oval Wood Mirror

Carved from solid oak to surround a mirror beveled to follow its contours, this Antique Oval Wood Mirror displays style influence from the Louis XIV manner, and will make a great powder room mirror, just to name but one of its possiblities. Circa 1870s. Measures 30H x 22W

Antique Renaissance Carved Oak Mirror

Sculpted to depict a pair of gryffins flanking an heraldic crest with cascading foliates surrounding the glazing, this Antique Renaissance Carved Oak Mirror is a product of master Italian artisans and is perfect for the masculine decor or just to give a special Old World touch to your room. Circa 1890s. Measures 51H x 31W

Antique Backsplash Mirror

Carved from select French walnut and fitted with scored mirror glass, this antique backsplash mirror is perfect for short spaces, above mantels, or perhaps over cased openings. Circa 1890s.  Measures 24.5H x 78W x 3D

Black Forest Mirror

Sculpted from oak harvested in the region, this Antique Black Forest Mirror is a remarkable testament to the skills of the artisans who created it.  With lifelike realism, oak branches, leaves and acorns have been created for a wonderful effect. Measures 22H x 13.5W Circa 1860s

Carved Oak Frame Mirror

Antique Carved Wood Frame Mirror Measures 33.5H x 22.5W Circa 1860

Gilded Mirror

Antique Gilded Mirror Measures 20.5H x 13W Circa mid 1900

Renaissance Walnut Carved Wood Frame Mirror

Antique Renaissance Walnut Carved Wood Frame Mirror Measures 40H x 27.5W Circa 1890

Renaissance Hexagonal Oak Mirror

Antique Renaissance Hexagonal Oak Mirror Measures 34H x 28.5W Circa 1890

Regency Style Powder Room Mirror

Regency Style Powder Room Mirror features a relatively lightweight frame, accentuated by the carved crown atop the boldly arched center section at top. Circa 1900-1910 Measures 34.5H x 19W x 1D.

Carved Wood Sunburst Mirror

Carved Wood Sunburst Mirror Measures 22 in diameter.

Beveled Mirror with Carved & Painted Frame

Featuring elegant scrollwork and stylized foliate and shell motifs, the carved frame on this beveled mirror sports a lovely patinaed painted finish. Circa mid-1900s Measures 36H x 23.5W.

Pair Carved Wood Rococo Mirror Frames

Pair Carved Wood Rococo Mirror Frames Measures 74H x 41W.

19th Century Neoclassical Mirror with Carved Frame

Lavished with artistically sculpted neoclassic motifs which surround the oval mirror, this lovely 19th Century French Mirror also features exquisitely figured wood.  An urn appears atop a pediment bursting with floral swags that drape above the mirror which is surrounded by an oak leaf wreath.  Burl walnut and finely grained select walnut add an opulent...

Country French Carved Wood Mirror

Country French Carved Wood Mirror Measures 25.5H x 16W x 3D Circa 1890.

Renaissance Carved Wood Mirror

Recapture the splendor of the Renaissance with this stunning Hand-Carved Wood Mirror, rendered in the venerable old-growth oak to last for centuries! Measures 26H x 23W Circa 1870.

Antique Carved Wood Oval Mirror

Antique Carved Wood Oval Mirror Measures 19.5W x  14.75H

Antique French Louis XIV Oval Stripped Mirror

Exquisitely detailed and featuring an updated finish, this Antique French Louis XIV Oval Stripped Mirror is poised to provide elegance to any room! Circa 1880s. Measures 52H x 36W x 6D.

Italian Hand Carved Vanity Mirror

Hand-crafted from solid apple wood, this Antique Vanity Mirror is a true work of art and is perect for makup or jewelry.Circa 1900, Milan, Italy.Measures 36H x 22.5W x 14.5D

19th Century Baroque Carved Wood Mirror

With gracefully carved shell and foliate motifs on all four sides, this Antique Mirror survives with its original glazing hand-beveled to follow the interior contours of the surrounding frame. It can be used, therefore, in either a horizontal or vertical application.Circa 1890sMeasures 35H x 40W

19th Century Italian Neoclassical Mirror

19th Century Italian Neoclassical MirrorCirca 1880sMeasures 38H x 49W

19th Century Black Forest Mirror with Carved Wood Frame

19th Century Black Forest Mirror with Carved Wood FrameCirca 1860sMeasures 34.5H x 21W

19th Century French Antique Painted Carved Wood...

Fantastic antique Trumeau mirror in deep beige with gilt highlights. Displaying a wonderful distressed painted finish, this antique Italian Baroque trumeau/mirror is perfect for the Paris Country Style. During the 18th and 19th century in France and Italy, antique trumeau mirrors were originally hung in stately homes between two windows or above a grand...

19th Century Demilune Transom Mirror

19th Century Demilune Transom Mirror crafted from a doorway transom.Circa 1850sMeasures 37H x 73.5W x 2.5D

19th Century French Louis XVI Painted Oval Mirror

19th Century French Louis XVI Antique Painted Oval Mirror is the perfect way to set a niche apart, add a special accent, or add a classical antique accent to any room!  Original painted finish is highlighted with gold for a special effect, especially considering thte intricately designed framework, crown and base adornment.Circa 1890sMeasures 33H x 32W