Nothing compares to the craftsmanship or the materials that were available in the 19th century and even into the early 20th century. Since we spend one third of our life in bed, it makes sense to sleep in as luxurious accommodations as possible! We take the antique bed one step further – our expert in-house artisans are leaders in the field of adapting these antique treasures to accommodate modern mattress sizes. For instance, you can have a king size Tempurpedic on a magnificent 19th century antique bed. Antique queen beds are our specialty, as well! With our large and diverse selection, you will be able to find the perfect set to fit your personality. Inessa hand-picks every piece of furniture so you know it's made of top notch materials.

Once you have found the perfect antique bedroom furniture for your space, check out our accessories that can perfectly blend in with your décor. From antique artwork to gorgeous mirrors to elegant lighting, we have everything you need to make your bedroom complete. We are sure you will find the right furniture as we have 50,000 square feet of retail space in two locations. If you have any questions or a simply looking for recommendations to match the bedroom furniture you have in mind, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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19th Century Neoclassical Mahogany Queen Size Bed

Hand-carved from solid mahogany with glorious Neoclassical motifs of which King Louis XVI was so fond, this impressive Neoclassical Queen Bed features an arched head and footboards carved with superlative floral and foliate swags, wreath and sprays. Tapered & fluted columns carved with acanthus plumes appear at each corner, with rosettes and other...
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19th Century French Gothic Stripped Oak Daybed/ Wallbed

This amazing 19th century Revival of the French Gothic style has the most linenfold panels of any piece we've ever seen!  Hand carved on the inside and outside of all four sides of this amazing bed with the Gothic motif, it features high rails making it the ideal daybed that can double as a nighttime wall bed when needed!  Hand-crafted antique French...
$1,788   $2,980
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Antique French Louis XV Bed

Headboard 54H x 61W; Footboard 36H x 62W, Rails 74W
$1,950   $3,250
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Country French Full Size Bed

Fashioned from solid oak to last for generations, this charming Country French bed features an arched crown and footboard atop finely scrolled panels below, and was designed to accommodate a full size mattress. Shell and foliate motifs are carved into the wood.Circa early to mid-1900sheadboard measures 46.5H x 59W~ footboard 29H x 59W~ rails 75L
$1,673   $2,390
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19th Century Neoclassical Rosewood Bed (full size)

This Antique French Louis XVI Rosewood Bed represents the best of both worlds ~ classical styling and the King of woods! Turned finials and an arched crown adorned with floral wreath, ribbon and laurel sprays overlook the headboard with crossmatched grain panels dominating the footboard.Circa 1880sHeadboard measures 62H x 56.5W; footboard 33.5H x 56.5W;...
$1,386   $1,980
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19th Century Neoclassical Mahogany Marquetry Bed with...

This magnificent 19th Century Neoclassical Mahogany Marquetry Bed was crafted with the utmost quality from the finest materials ~ exotic imported mahogany and cast bronze gilt ormolu mounts, called bronze d'ore in France.Because the size is sufficiently large, ask about letting our our expert in-house staff extend the rails to accommodate a Queen size...
$5,495   $7,850
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19th Century French Neoclassical Mahogany Bed with...

19th Century French Neoclassical Mahogany Armoire with Ormolu & Wedgwood inset on the arched headboard crown. Price includes Queen conversion by our expert in-house staff!Price as is (full size bed) is $4,980 Circa 1880sHeadboard measures 65H x 64WFootboard is 32H x 61.5WRails measure 78.5L
$4,165   $5,950
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Antique Italian NeoClassic Full Size Bed

Add a regal touch to your bedroom with this Italian neoclassical painted and gilded bed. This lovely bed was finished in a neutral cream tone with gold highlights that has achieved a warm patina with the decades. The headboard looks worthy of royalty with a hand carved floral basket, flowing ribbons, urns, finials, and the posts at the foot lend a...
$1,953   $3,985
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Pair 19th Century French Neoclassical Painted Twin Beds

Pair 19th Century French Neoclassical Painted Twin BedsCirca 1890sHeadboards measure 56H x 47WFootboards measure 42H x 47WRails 77L
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19th Century French Walnut Neoclassical Queen Bed

19th Century French Neoclassical Queen BedCirca 1880sHeadboard measures 48.5H x 68WFootboard measures 19H x 68WSold without queen conversion at $3,980
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19th Century French Walnut Rococo QUEEN Bed

Sculpted from sumptuous French Walnut, this impressive Louis XV Queen size bed was crafted during the 19th century, and updated to accommodate a modern Queen Size Mattress by our expert in-house staff!  Beautifully hand-carved Rococo cartouche atop the arched headboard complements the carving atop the cross-matched panel of the footboard, with subtly...
$3,237   $4,980
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19th Century French Painted Queen Bed

This stunning Louis XVI style bed boasts its original hand-painted adornment all across the footboard, and on every member of its construction.  Greek wave lines the rails and bottom of the footboard, with intricate molded detailing and acanthus plumes everywhere else.  The silk upholstery on the headboard is serviceable but easily replaced with your...
$4,537   $6,980
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19th Century French Neoclassical Queen Mahogany Bed

The spectacularly classical lines of this elegant & superb Grand Antique French Queen Size Bed would have pleased Louis XVI and her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette.  The arched center and romantically sweeping section of the high headboard features carvings on the crown that complement the opulent carving of sprays, garlands and roses ~ all...
$3,947   $5,980
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Louis Philippe California King Bed

Hand-crafted from exotic flame mahogany during the Louis Philippe Period, this Antique California King Bed has had its rails extended by our expert in-house customization staff to accommodate a California King mattress set!  The simplicity of the lines are a hallmark of the style, which glorifies the natural beauty of the wood and avoids superfluous...
$3,588   $5,980
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19th Century French Louis XVI Neoclassical Painted Bed

Painted in19th century by the master artisans of France comes this impressive and charming Antique French Louis XVI Painted Bed, featuring hand-carved detailing and a cane panel on both the head and footboards, each overlaid with carved floral garlands!Circa 1890sHeadboard measures 53.5H x 53W; footboard 35.5H x 53W (Requires Custom Mattress~ Very Close...
$2,275   $3,250
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Pair of Neoclassical Twin French Painted Polychrome...

Can be sold each @ $895 ~ Wholesale Market Special Price. This Pair of Neoclassical Style Twin French Painted Sleigh Beds features its original patinaed painted polychrome finish in great condition. These beds perfect for appying symmetry to a room and also canbe used as wall beds as they are finished on all four sides.  Ample room exists for a modern...
$1,625   $3,250
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Twin Italian Painted Louis XVI Bed

Lovely antique Louis XVI Italian charming handcarved twin bed featuring carved oval neoclassical centerpieces of a floral basket, rose garland and wreath.  This charming Italian antique furniture will create a stately elegance for your room and combines the best elements of neoclassical design. Lovely classic lines and elegant shape, patinated painted...
$1,788   $2,980
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19th Century French Neoclassical Bed

19th Century French Neoclassical Bed features meticulously styled hand-carved embellishment.Circa 1890sheadboard measures 58H x 62Wfootboard measures 36H x 61WRails are 77L
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French Louis XVI Style Polychrome Painted Bed

French Louis XVI Style Polychrome Painted Bed Measures 57H x 72W x 80D Circa 1890.
$1,990   $3,980
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KING 19th Century French Mahogany Louis XVI Bed

This gorgeous 19th century Louis XVI King Size Bed features classical styling and architecture was bench-made from prized mueche mahogany by craftsmen to combine with the superb naturalistic beauty of the wood and to create a masterpiece of furniture design statement. Bold Greek wave motifs on the headboard and footboard also appear along the each rails...
$7,740   $12,900
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Pair of Antique Beds

Pair of Antique Beds Each Measures: Headboard 62.5H x 37W; Footboard 40H x 36W; Rails 78.5L Can accept modern "twin" size mattress/foundation although the set will ride on top of the rails, not between them.
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19th Century Beaux Artes Carved French Walnut Bed...

19th Century Beaux Artes Carved French Walnut Bed (full size)Circa 1895Measures Headboard 58H x 57W - Footboard 36.5H x 57W - Rails 74L
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19th Century Neoclassical French QUEEN Bed by Bellanger

One of the premier furniture makers of France, if not worldwide, was Bellanger of Paris.  This 19th Century Neoclassical Bed was hand-crafted by master artisans in the style of Louis XVI using the finest imported mahogany.  Carved to perfection with classical motifs, it represents the timeless fashion of ancient Greece and Rome to the fullest! Accepts...
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19th Century French Napoleon III Twin Walnut Bed

Crafted in 19th century during the golden age of furniture crafting in France during the rain of Napoleon III, at the capital itself in Paris, this impressive French Twin bed was created from select massive walnut. The gracefully arched headboards with classic lines and footboard feature finials atop each corner-post. Circa 1870. Headboard measures 57.5H...
$1,490   $2,980
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