Antique French Louis XV Painted QUEEN Bed

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Accepts QUEEN Size Mattress!

Location: Baton Rouge


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Crafted in the timeless rococo fashion known as the Louis XV style, this charming Antique French Painted Bed is large enough to feet Queen size mattress!  Original painted finish of multi-toned pastel hues on the undulating frame accent the carved embellishments that appear on the headboard crown, footboard apron and each rail.  Truly a stylish way to slumber!
Circa 1880s.
Headboard measures 51.5H x 63W; footboard 34.5H x 63W.
Accepts QUEEN Size Mattress Set!

Important Note:  Each Queen Bed Conversion we undertake is completely on an individual basis.  We examine each piece and carefully extend the rails, while maintaining the style and integrity of the original design.  The extensions are stained and finished to match the original rail, and in most cases, the original mounting mechanisms are retained as well, such that the headboard and footboard remain untouched.  Only at Inessa Stewart's Antiques can you get such professional artisanry included in the price, artisanry that would cost thousands more elsewhere!