Antique Accessories ~ Great Father’s Day Gifts!

E-2Each Father’s Day everybody scurries about, scouring the stores for that special gift to honor their father, and the best way to do it is to give him an instant heirloom ~ an antique accessory for his office or study.  You can find a great selection of antique inkwells, boxes, clocks, trophies, bookends and other wonderful antique gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.
Antique French GlobeThe perfect accent for the worldly gentleman, this antique globe was created at a time when the wealthy cruised about the world in luxurious ocean liners, and conversed about their travels with the aid of this mapped representation of the world as it was known then. Cast iron tripod base.  Great on the desk or in the bookcase!
France, circa turn of the century.
Antique Bronze Bookends

Ideal for a gentleman’s bibliotheque, this pair of antique andirons have now been pressed into service as bookends.  Finely cast from solid bronze, they feature a bas relief bust of Bacchus.
France, circa 1880s.

Antique Hunting Trophy

It was common practice in 19th century Europe to make antique trophies that could be placed in the bookcase, atop the mantel or on the desk from one’s hunting exploits, rather than the more common practice today of mounting on wall plaques. This antique Renaissance style trophy, cleverly designed to be removable for cleaning, it is obviously the product of truly talented artisans!
France, Circa 1850’s.

Antique Napoleon Bonaparte Inkwell

Boasting its original bronzed finish, this antique Empire style inkwell makes the ultimate desktop accessory, and depicts the impatient Napoleon, apparently waiting for the writer to finish his piece! Dark green marble base. France, circa 1890s.
Antique Mantel Clock
This Second Empire mantel clock features a black patinaed finish with gold highlights that blends perfectly with the beveled and footed slate base. Brass Roman numerals and hands.  A perfect enhancement on the mantel, shelf or buffet of your favorite room.
France, circa 1870s.

Antique Warrior on Horseback Statue

This mounted warrior, in full battle regalia of a Renaissance style, was cast in terra cotta and hand painted to perfection.  Ready to grace any surface in your masculine decor, it has been carefully detailed by hand for surprising realism and historic accuracy.
Germany, circa 1890s.
and from everyone at Inessa Stewart’s Antiques & Interiors~
Happy Fathers Day


  1. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    June 16, 2011    

    Inessa, it's Very nice and easy to select gift from your store. I'm impress!

  2. Susan C. Halliday's Gravatar Susan C. Halliday
    March 30, 2014    

    Would you kindly inform me if you get another turn of the century globe? Thank you.

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