Life, Antiques, and Art

Antique French EngravingOscar Wilde once said, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

As we were getting ready for one of our daily photoshoots, I placed the two floral arrangements I just created in front of the hand painted oil painting of the same subject. It looked as if the flower almost leaped of the canvas!  Yes, Oscar Wilde was right ~ life truly can be imitated and inspired by art!

Antique Furniture Painting Flowers

Antique Furniture Painting FlowersHave a wonderful and inspiring weekend!

Inessa Stewart's Antiques

Wow! Two Grand French and Italian Antique Shipments

Antique French EngravingOur calendars may say January, but it feels like Christmas all over again here at Inessa Stewart’s Antiques!  We are starting the year off with fabulous newly arrived antique finds as both stores are bursting with an enormous selection from two 45’ high cube containers.  Since these shipments contain over 500 items, we’re hard at work sorting, tagging, and opening boxes. We are delighted to bring these antique furniture and home decor items to you as a great start to the new year.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop in to either our Baton Rouge or Dallas stores, now is the perfect time to visit! With so many fantastic new arrivals, it’s hard to pick out just a few to share here.

French Antique Furniture

With every shipment, we strive to bring you classic pieces that invigorate and inspire new ways to decorate your home with timeless antiques.

From refined to simple and rustic, from painted elegance to gilded splendor and Italian Renaissance, we’ve got it all!

French Antique Furniture

Our showrooms are constantly changing, full of surprises to delight with each visit! Stop in and let us help you get a fresh start with beautiful yet practical antique pieces to create the inviting and unique home you deserve.

Inessa Stewart's Antiques

It’s Market Time in Dallas!

Antique French EngravingJoin us starting tomorrow at 8am at Market Center Blvd. across the street from the Dallas World Trade Center in the Temporary Exhibit Hall. Our booth is located just behind the concierge’s desk to the right. We’ve packed it with spectacular finds of European antiques and other fabulous home decor items. The weather is sure to be gorgeous, too! Call our showroom toll free 888-326-2390 for more details.
Market ends Sunday, so don’t miss out!

Antique Furniture & Home Decor Dallas MarketAntique Furniture & Home Decor Dallas Market
Antique Furniture & Home Decor Dallas MarketAntique Furniture & Home Decor Dallas Market Inessa Stewart's Antiques

 Inessa Stewart

Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you! The variety, artistry and history of the antiques and vintage pieces that surround us every day provide pleasure, beauty and sometimes even intrigue.

The classics never go out of style, and each era, country, and even artisan's interpretations create an environment that is always full of surprises.

It is truly a pleasure to bring such timeless style together for every client and follower of my blog. And of course, your input is always welcome!

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