Antique 18th Century Country French Buffet a Deux Corps

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92.5 x 55 x 21

Location: Dallas


Spectacular white washed period Country French Furniture example of timeless craftsmanship was built utilizing the weathered, enduring beauty of an heirloom old-growth French white oak. The artisans of Normandy created this charming antique 18th century Country French Buffet a Deux Corps to last for generations, using techniques such as pegged mortise & tendon joinery, handed down by their forefathers. This buffet a deux corps features the typical buffet below with slightly shallower upper tier that is glazed so one can view and appreciate the contents. Sculpted adornment on this antique furniture includes classic Louis XVI motifs including spiral ribbon molding, floral bouquets, and amazingly lifelike wildflowers and foliates. 

Truly an instant family heirloom! 

Circa 1780s.
Measures 92.5 x 55 x 21.