Coffee Tables

The custom of drinking coffee with guests led to the development of the antique coffee table well over a century ago. Low, usually long and sometimes even wide, antique coffee tables make the perfect place to place an entire tea or coffee service, provide a little decorative accent, or when no one is looking, a place to prop up one’s tired feet!


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19th Century Renaissance Coffee Table

This Antique Oval Pedestal Table is only 22 inches tall, making it perfect as a coffee table or low center table.  Hand-crafted from dense, old-growth European oak, it features a simpllistic oval top in stark contrast with the full relief della robia carvings on the gracefully scrolled legs below. Circa 1860s Measures 22H x 44W x 39D
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19th Century Country French Coffee Table from Brittany

Carved statues form the four legs of this charming Antique Country French Coffee Table from Brittany, with each connected to the other via an elaborately carved “H” stretcher fitted with spindle gallery rail.  Gadrooned edge and carved apron complete the look. Circa 1880s Measures 21.5H x 34.5W x 30D
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19th Century Oval Center Table

Hand-crafted from old-growth white oak then carved to perfection with mythical gryffins spewing forth the bounty of the earth on the legs, this intriguing Antique Center Table can serve equally as well as a tall Coffee Table!  Demilune gadrooning and carving on the apron complete the look. Circa 1860s Measures 23.5H x 44.5W x 39.5D
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Antique Rustic Coffee Table

Add a little Rustic Charm to your family room with this sturdily built Coffee Table, ready to be used and "abused" on a daily basis by a busy, fun-loving family! Measures 18H x 49W x 26D. Circa 1840s
$690   $1,190
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19th Century Renaissance Coffee Table

This unusual Antique Coffee Table combines a very tailored top with four intricately carved urn pedestals atop an "H" structure that has carved dolphins on the feet!  Hand-crafted from densely grained old-growth quarter-sawn oak, it will make a wonderful Old World addition to your decor! Circa 1880s Measures 23.5H x 37.5W x 26.5D
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Spanish Coffee Table

Coffee on the Iberian Peninsula has always been of the finest available in the world, and Spaniards do love to partake of the invigorating brew! This quaint coffee table features rustic lines and wrought iron stretchers. Circa 1930s Measures 21H x 43W x 17D

Antique Louis XVI Mahogany Coffee Table

Crafted from fine mahoganyt in the tailored classic style, this Antique Coffee Table will add a touch of elegance to your living room. Cast bronze ormolu mounts on the corners of the apron and rosettes on the legs where the lyre-shaped stretchers join add a nice touch. Circa 1910. Measures 25H x 53.5W x 40.5D
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Italian Walnut Coffee Table

Crafted from solid planks of walnut harvested from the foothills of the Alps, this Italian coffee table features timeless Tuscan styling, unquestionably authentic handed down from generation to generation. Please note the lyre-shaped supports connected with a gracefully scrolled trestle. Solid walnut plank top with lovely original patina ensures decade...
$396   $1,980
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19th Century Country French Coffee Table from Brittany

Known for their adherence to the Renaissance style, the artisans of Brittany crafted this Country French Coffee Table from local woods, then applied carved excellence around the edge, on the apron, and accenting the structure below. Turned urn legs are joined with spindle railing centered with a turned finial.Circa 1880sMeasures 21.5H x 50W x 45.5D
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Chippendale Marble Top Coffee Table

Hand-carved from solid oak in the Chippendale style, this handsome Coffee Table sports a black marble top. Beautifully carved foliates, florals and shell motifs combine with the boldly scrolled legs and talon & ball feet to full effect.Circa early 1900sMeasures 20H x 41W x 22D
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19th Century Country French Drop Leaf Coffee Table

This Antique Oval Gate Leg Coffee Table provides a small footprint when closed, and a spacious surface when open, with leaves supported by pull-outs in the apron. Circa 1880s Measures 20.5H x 60W x 18D, opens to 37D

19th Century Rustic Country French Coffee Table

Hewn from solid planks of old growth oak, this Rustic Antique Country French Coffee Table features two drawers and promises to last your family for generations of daily use! Circa 1860s Measures 19H x 59W x 25.5D
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19th Century Country French Coffee Table

Hewn from solid planks of old growth oak, this Rustic Antique Country French Coffee Table features a drawer in the middle, and promises to last your family for generations of daily use! Circa 1860s Measures 20H x 57W x 28D
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Renaissance Painted Occasional Table

Renaissance Painted Occasional Table Measures 24H x 39.5W x 19.5D Circa 1880.

Vintage Italian Painted Onyx Top Table

Sculpted in the Baroque manner by talented Italian artisans, then given a painted finish which has achieved a lovely patina, this Vintage Italian Painted Onyx Top Table was topped with exquisite onyx for an amazingly attractive yet carefree surface! Circa early 1900s. Measures 20.5 x 38.5 x 26.
$598   $1,495
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Antique Venetian Painted Marble Top Table

From the master artisans of Venice comes this elegant Baroque styled Antique Venetian Painted Marble Top Table boasts its original multi-hued paint and gold accents, and contoured & beveled marble top. Circa 1880s. Measures 18.5H x 35.5W x 25D.
$1,639   $2,980
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Antique Regence Marble Top Table

Boasting a frame sculpted from fine French walnut in the bold style of the Regence, and topped with beveled Carrara marble, this table (originaly dining table, sized down to coffee table hight) will add an understated elegance to any room! Massive cabriole legs on each corner are subtly fluted and finished with acanthus leaf/escargot tips, then connected...
$758   $1,895
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Country French Coffee Table

If you need a sturdy, rustic, casual Antique Coffee Table that will last easily through the next 3 generations, search no more!Circa 1860sMeasures 20H x 52.5W x 15D

Antique French Henri II Walnut Table

Crafted from select French walnut in the manner of Henri II, this table features architectural and carved enhancements. Circa 1860s. Measures 28H x 56W x 47D
$1,625   $3,250
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Antique Country French Petrin Table

Crafted from solid French oak, the top lifts off to reveal storage underneath.  Serving as a coffee table as well as a conversation piece, it was hewn from thick planks to last for generation after generation!Circa 1830s. Measures 25.5H x 58W x 26D.
$1,341   $2,980
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Antique Italian Renaissance Coffee Table

Possessing a certain Romanesque charm, this Antique Italian Renaissance-inspired Coffee Table was hand-crafted from solid walnut to last for generations! Circa 1890s Measures 31H x 39W x 19.5D

Renaissance end table

Add Old World charm to any room with this classically styled, Renaissance inspired end table, hand-crafted from walnut. Circa 1860Measures 21H x 21.5W x 12.5D

Antique Louis XIV Marble Top End Table

With a top shaped like the petals of a flower, this intriging Antique Louis XIV Style End Table features a superbly fitted marble top and beautifully carved apron, all supported by scrolled legs for a truly timeless look. Circa 1880s Measures 21.5H x 26 in diameter
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French Walnut Coffee Table

Featuring a classic architecture with impressive craftsmanship, this solid Antique French Walnut Coffee Table will provide enjoyment for generations! Measures 20.5H x 41W x 28D Circa 1870s
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