19th Century French Oak Hand Carved Armoire from Brittany

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89 x 60 x 26.5

Location: Dallas


Fully carved on all three facades, this rare and impressive antique Countury French armoire hails from the 19th century workshops of Lower Brittany, where artisans have been producing creations with their unique style for centuries. Depicted on the doors are a man and woman dressed in typical raiment, indicating this was most probably a wedding gift or was produced to honor parents or ancestors. What is so visually striking, however, is the bold foliates and shell motifs that encircle the figures, including work on the bonnet and apron. Excellent pierced steel ferrures guard the keyholes, with full length barrel hinges allowing the doors to swing completely open. Even the side panels have been treated to a bold floral motif rendered intaglio style. Shells on the crown molding complete the look.
Circa 1870s.
Measures 89 x 60 x 26.5.