Antique Gothic-Inspired Armoire from Lorraine

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72 x 68 x 20

Location: Dallas


Crafted from dense, old-growth French white oak and hand-forged solid iron, this handsome armoire was created by the artisans of Lorraine, and with a somewhat uncharacteristic twist imbued with design elements that hail back to the Gothic style, considered by experts to be the earliest formal French style. Because of the hinge choice and placement, the doors open wide, making this an excellent candidate for an entertainment center or computer workstation. Elaborate yet stylized naturalistic elements abound across the entire facade, accented by the forged strap hinges, providing a unique look into the past that is still highly relevant in the present!
Circa 1830s.
Measures 72 x 68 x 20.
Interior opening measures 54" wide by 14" deep when doors are fully open.