19th Century Louis Philippe Cherry Wood Country French Buffet

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37.5 x 77 x 25

Location: Baton Rouge


French Louis Philippe Cherry Wood Buffet handcrafted from solid French cherry wood, harvested from old-growth trees that no longer produced fruit during the reign of Louis Philippe. French artisans seasoned the wood for years to ensure its stability to last for generations, then sculpted it into such beautiful specimens as you see before you in this superlative example using time-honored joinery methods handed down from generation to generation, such as the hand-made pegged mortise & tendon joints that remain as tight as the day they were first fashioned.  The clean lines of the Louis Philippe style stand out, yet provide no competition for the sheer natural beauty of the aged wood, exuding its refined age with the patina acquired over the course of a century and a half!

Louis Philippe ruled in unpretentious fashion, avoiding the pomp and lavish excesses of his predecessors and antique French furniture of that era reflects the austerity of the period. Abandoning the elaborate and carved elements of past French styles did not mean that French would depart from quality and superb craftsmanship in furniture, art or architecture.  Louis Philippe period antique furniture is a true expression of the conflicts in the time when the regal authority was restored with restrained elegance.

Circa 1840.
Measures 38.5 x 77 x 25.

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