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Since antique bookcases are far more rare and antique vitrines and curio cabinets are considerably smaller, we choose selected antique armoires to convert into display cases, using our own in-house talented artisans. This gives you a much wider selection of beautiful ways to display your finest collection or most cherished family heirlooms. The antique display armoire is a stunning way to create a truly personal touch to that special room.


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19th Century French Renaissance Armoire

Rendered from splendid old growth indigenous oak by talented French artisans, this Antique Renaissance display armoire boasts two arched, beveled glass framed by tapered, fluted and spiral-fluted columns.  The elegant architecture referred to frequently as being attributed to Henri II, is embellished with a carved crown, finials, stylized foliates and...
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Louis XVI rosewood display armoire

Louis XVI rosewood display armoire Measures 94.5H x 41W x 22D Circa 1870s
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Antique French Napoleon III Period Rosewood Armoire

Crafted during the golden age of furniture crafting in France, at the capital itself in Paris, this impressive armoire was created from the king of furniture woods, rosewood, imported from the rainforests of the Americas and made into what many connoisseurs consider the finest furniture ever made! The wood is so special and hard that it resists the very...
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Antique French Napoleon III Period Armoire

Benchmade from French walnut with exceptional ebonized carvings atop the bold, double-arched crown with burl walnut façade and timeless styling typical of the period. Circa 1860s. Measures 99H x 46W x 24D
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Antique French Louis XVI Armoire

Benchmade from prized mueche mahogany, this stately Antique French Louis XVI Armoire features classical styling and architecture.  The intricate molded detail  adds visual intrigue from any angle, with tapered and fluted columns on each cornerpost for trim.  Bold Greek wave motifs on the crown and base are accented by the laurel wreath with foliates as a...
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Antique French Louis XVI Mahogany Armoire

Featuring stunning mueche mahogany with bronze ormolu in the classic Louis XVI style, this impressive Antique Triple Display armoire has been festooned with luxurious cast bronze ormolu mounts.  Show off your cherished family possessions or a special collection in style!  The mueche mahogany was discovered only after the wood was milled, and due to its...
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French Regence Rosewood Armoire

Crafted from the king of woods, rosewood, this stunning Antique Armoire was fashioned in the Regence style, a variation of the Baroque that has captivated afficionados across the world for over two centuries.  The precious rosewood, harvested in Central & South America, was prized by European furniture houses because of its natural beauty, hardness,...
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Antique French Louis XV Walnut Display Armoire

Solid French walnut, hand-carved detailing and a regal look! Perfect for displaying a collection or storing books. Circa 1870s. Measures 92.5 x 42 x 21.

Antique French Louis XVI Display Armoire

Hand-crafted with exceptionally talented hands from select French walnut in the classical manner, this Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Display Armoire is the perfect way to show off your precious collections!  The step-front center section features its original beveled glazing, and is enhanced by the archer's bow crown adorned with flowing ribbon and...

19th Century Italian Painted Display Armoire

This 19th century painted display armoire has stately architecture of the Italian Neoclassical style that was derived directly from classical Greek and Roman antiquity, and will remain in style for as long as mankind will need furniture! This example, with step-up center section, features generously sized beveled glazing framed by tapered & fluted...

Antique French Louis XV Rosewood Display Armoire

Antique French Louis XV Rosewood Display Armoire also makes an excellent choice for a bookcase! Circa 1880s. Measures 102H x 44W x 22D

Antique French Walnut Display Armoire

This impressive armoire was crafted in the timeless Gothic style to a very subtle degree, with full length spiral-fluted columns and beveled glazing on the doors, plus linenfold motif on the drawer below. The oldest formal French style extant, this splendid armoire represents a truly timeless Old World effect! Circa 1870s. Measures 103 x 66 x 23.5.

Antique French Henri II Walnut Display Armoire

Exuding all the splendor of the Napoleon III period, this majestic armoire has been converted for display by our expert in-house staff, making it also an excellent choice as a bookcase! The sumptuous hand-sekected French walnut has been sculpted into a variety of classical forms including a bold heraldic crest, carved tapered & fluted columns flanking...

Antique French Henri II Rosewood Display Armoire

Sometimes called Kingwood, rosewood has been considered the premier furniture material for almost two centuries, and one look at this fabulously preserved antique French armoire explains why. Crafted in the Greek revival style during the Second Empire, it features amazing detail and evidence of master craftsmanship. Original bevelled mirror provides a...

Antique French Louis XV Rosewood Armoire

Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany shortly after the demise of the Louis Philippe period, this Antique French Louis XV Mahogany Armoire features its original beveled mirror and hand-carved perfection from the arched crown to the finely sculpted base. Circa 1870. Measures 95H x 44W x 22D  

Antique French Louis XVI Rosewood Armoire

Sculpted from the king of woods ~ rosewood ~ this elegant armoire exudes the classic and timeless lines inspired by ancient Greece and Rome that came to be called the Louis XVI style. The romantic archer's bow crown with overlaid arrows provide a rest for the floral wreath with ribbon accents. A cameo with floral basket appears atop the crown just under,...

Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Display Armoire

Sculpted from select French walnut, this stunning Antique French Louis XVI Triple Display Armoire.features a boldly arched center section lavished with a floral wreath with torchere & carquois de fleche above and graceful floral garlands below, overlaid onto the original beveled glazing.  The step-front center section is flanked by very functional...

Antique French Napoleon III Walnut Armoire

This impressive Napoleon III Period Walnut Armoire from second part of 19th century France features remarkable sculpted detail from a master's hand combined with the original beveled glass and rich French walnut that defies description!  Perfect for displaying cherished family heirlooms or your favorite collection, the glazing is surrounded by a fluted...

Antique Louis XVI Armoire

Rendered from select French walnut, this armoire celebrates the Greek revival style, brought to the fore during the reign of Louis XVI. Intricately carved floral garlands drape atop the bonnet, surrounded by sunflower rosettes and bold molded detail. Doric capitals adorn the tapered, fluted and carved columns with urn motif, leading the eye down to the...