18th Century French Doughbox

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39.5 x 48.5 x 22.5

Location: Dallas


Sculpted from select French walnut by obviously talented provincial artisans, this stunning petrin represents one of the most scarce collectibles that are only rarely seen available in the marketplace. Rather than the simpler hinged lid that was an adaptation of the lowly trunk, the artisans in this case fashioned a drop front access so that the top could be used for permanent display or as a work surface. A full width drawer adds wonderful storage, with carved aprons below for added strength and beauty. Turned legs provide support, but the most noticeable aspect is the stellar hand-carved embellishment! On top, musical instruments set upon a background of lavish foliates and wildflowers. On the apron, a classic urn amongst foliate sprays, but on the drawer, two hearts encircled and surrounded by flowering foliates indicating that this artifact from two centuries ago was a wedding gift!
Provence, France, circa 1760s.