A bedside table is a necessity, and our antique nightstands are perfect choices. Most have marble tops which are as forgiving a surface as they are beautiful. Sometimes an antique nightstand comes in pairs, and whether you need symmetry or not, it’s a great choice. An antique nightstand is a perfect bedside companion, no matter how you like to sleep.


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19th Century Country French Neoclassical Marble Top...

This petite commode, also a 19th Century Country French Neoclassical Marble Top End Table – Nightstand, is an ideal choice for a wide varitety of decors and functions! Circa 1890s Measures 30H x 18.5W x 13D
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19th Century French Louis XVI Mahogany Nightstand

Remarkable antique furniture crafted from mueche mahogany with bronze ormolu in the classic Louis XVI style! This Antique French Louis XVI Mahogany Nightstand features stunning decorative elements! The mueche mahogany was discovered only after the wood was milled, and due to its rarity was highly desired by the finest cabinetmakers of the 19th century....
$870   $1,450
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19th Century Neoclassical French Walnut Nightstand

19th Century Neoclassical French Walnut Nightstand represents the neoclassical movement that overtook the continent in the second half of the 18th century, then was revived the following century when this excellent example was created.  The sumptuous French walnut exudes a warmth that has few equals, and has been carved to perfection by sculptors of the...
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French Louis XV Walnut Nightstand

Topped with luxurious rouge marble, this exquisite Antique Louis XV Walnut Nightstand was rendered by master artisans forming galbe sides, cabriole cornerposts, and shell, foliate and escargot carvings for sublime embellishment.  The drawer sports a cast bronze pull, and the cabinet door is cleverly concealed, identified solely by the keyhole! Measures...
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19th Century Italian Neoclassical Cabinet-Console

Hand-crafted by master Italian artisans from select walnut, this handsome 19th Century Neoclassical Cabinet-Console will make the perfect choice for any entryway, hallway, study, library ~ simply a good choice for any room!  Cascading spray of floral and foliates in relief on the cabinets comprise the sole carved adornment, while the neoclassical...
$842   $1,295
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19th Century Kidney Shape Marble Top End Table

Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany and Carrara marble, this Antique Kidney Shaped End Table features neoclassic styling, with brass railing and molding combined with bronze mounts to create an opulent effect, finished all around making placement in the middle of the room possible. A single drawer adds convenience.Circa 1890sMeasures 30H x 27.5W x 18D
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Country French Nightstand

Country French Nightstand Measures 28.5H x 22W x 15D Circa 1880.
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Pair 19th Century French Regence Nightstands

This PAIR of 19th Century French Regence Walnut Nightstands was hand-crafted during the transition between the Louis Philippe and Napoleon III periods, and represents the epitome of French master craftsmanship!   Sculpted from fine French walnut and fitted with its original contoured marble tops, Antique Furniture and especially Antique Nightstands such...
$1,971   $3,650
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Pair Country French Nightstands

Crafted from oak, this Pair of Country French Nightstands are identical except one has a cabinet where the other has open shelves. Circa mid-1900s Each measures 28H x 20W x 17.5D
$745   $1,490
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PAIR Country French Nightstands

This Pair of Country French nightstands will also make great choices as matching end tables for you favorite seating group!  Hand-crafted on a simplistic scale from fine French walnut, each boasts a cubby hole under the main surface which has a backsplash to protect against items falling behind the piece.  Cabriole legs in front add to the charm! Each...
$779   $1,298
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Italian Hand Carved Pair Painted Wall Consoles

Enchanting antique romantic silhouette of Italian Hand Carved Rococo Pair of Painted Wall Consoles infuse the charming ambiance. Originaly designed to be placed at the bedside, today this petite treasures can be used in so many ways to bring even more allure for your boudoir or any other space!   Each measures 23H x 20W x 9.5D Circa 1920

PAIR Art Deco Marble Top Nightstands

PAIR Art Deco Marble Top NightstandsCirca 1930sEach measures 30H x 15W x 12D
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Pair Arts & Crafts Alderwood Nightstands

PAIR Arts & Crafts Alderwood NightstandsCirca 1900-1910Each measures 18H x 27.5W x 14D

PAIR Country French Nightstands

PAIR Country French NightstandsCirca mid-1900sMeasures 23H x 20W x 13.5D

Pair Painted Neoclassical Nightstands

Pair Painted Neoclassical NightstandsCirca early to mid-1900sEach measures 28H x 22W x 16.5D
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PAIR Country French Painted Nightstands

PAIR Country French Painted NightstandsCirca mid-1900sEach measures 26.5H x 19W x 13.5D

19th Century French Louis XVI Rosewood Nightstand

Sculpted from the king of woods ~ rosewood ~ this elegant neoclassical nightstand exudes the timeless lines inspired by ancient Greece and Rome that came to be called the Louis XVI style. Four tapered and fluted column legs provide support, with a spacious cabinet above adorned with quatrefoil overlay, cross-matched grain veneering, rosettes and turned...
$594   $1,650
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PAIR 19th Century Neoclassical Mahogany Marquetry...

This magnificent PAIR of 19th Century Neoclassical Mahogany Marquetry Corner Nightstands was crafted with the utmost quality from the finest materials ~ exotic imported mahogany and cast bronze gilt ormolu mounts, called bronze d'ore in France.  It is very unusual to find such items in a corner configuration!Circa 1890sEach measures 34H x 20W x 14.5D
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Antique French Neoclassical Painted Nightstand

This Antique French Neoclassical Painted Nightstand features a marble top and a patinaed painted finish that will make a light and airy impact on your room.  A shelf above the lower cabinet and a convenient drawer add to its appeal.  Measures 35.5H x 14.5W x 14.5D Circa 1900-1910
$248   $495
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PAIR Country French Neoclassical Painted Nightstands

PAIR Country French Neoclassical Painted NightstandsCirca early to mid-1900sEach measures 33H x 15W x 15D
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PAIR 19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Nightstands

PAIR 19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut NightstandsCirca 1880sEach measures 30.5H x 23.5W x 16D
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Pair Spanish Nightstands

Add a little Southwest charm to your room with this Pair of Spanish Nightstands that will serve equally as well in a casual setting for your seating group.  Wrought iron and solid plank construction ensure they'll last for generations! Measures 20H x 18W x 12.5D Circa mid 1900s.
$637   $980
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19th Century Country French Neoclassical Nightstand

19th Century Country French Neoclassical NightstandCirca 1870sMeasures 31H x 15.5W x 12D

19th Century Drop Leaf Nightstand

19th Century Drop Leaf NightstandCirca 1860sMeasures 31H x 16W x 16D, opens to 32W
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