Antique French Napoleon III Rosewood Nightstand

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29H x 15.5W x 21.5D; opens to 36W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


Crafted during the golden age of furniture crafting in France, at the capital itself in Paris, this impressive nightstand was created from the king of furniture woods, rosewood, imported from the rainforests of the Americas and made into what many connoisseurs consider the finest furniture ever made! The wood is so special and hard that it resists the very force of time itself. Supported by four elegant cabriole legs, it features a hidden sewing chest under the double-drawer casework. More intriguing though are the two drop leaves that more than double the size of the surface when extended, making it a much more versatile bedside companion!
Circa 1860s.
Measures 29H x 15.5W x 21.5D; opens to 36W x 21.5D