Antique English Renaissance Buffet

2318-37973 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

70H x 68W x 21D; surface 35H

Location: Dallas


This handsome 18th Century English Renaissance Revival Buffet features a top piece which was commissioned probably as a wedding celebration in 1791 uniting two families whose initials were T & N.  The top was then combined with other 18th Century elements to create a cabinet for the lower tier below which was fabricated with those elements during the middle of the 19th century, making this piece an early example of repurposing!  The hand-carved likenesses of the family members for whom it was commissioned appear on top, with hand-carved moorish elements apparent in the lower tier.  Brass pulls were also added during the "makeover".  What a wonderful example of antique recycling, all from centuries ago!
Circa 1791-1860's.
Measures 70H x 68W x 21D; surface 35H.