Renaissance/Gothic Armoires

No one will argue that the Renaissance antique furniture was a spectacular rebirth, yet the Gothic manner reigned as the premier formal decorative style for centuries. The diversity that exists between the two styles is amazing, so we provided a separate category. Here you can see Renaissance armoires from the heavily embellished early style to the more stylized and abstract later styles, as well as Gothic armoires both subtle and exceptional pieces of antique furniture.


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19th Century French Louis Philippe Mahogany Armoire

19th Century French Louis Philippe Mahogany Armoire with clean lines of the Louis Philippe style stand out, yet provide no competition for the sheer natural beauty of the aged wood, exuding its refined age with the patina acquired over the course of a century and a half!   Louis Philippe ruled in unpretentious fashion, avoiding the pomp and lavish...
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19th Century Renaissance Stripped Oak Armoire

This 19th Century Renaissance Stripped Oak Armoire is a remarkable study of a family's particular ancestry, going back multiple generations, with likenesses all sculpted in glorious full relief from solid old-growth oak to memorialize them for centuries!  Doors open 180 degrees making it an excellent choice as an entertainment center, or just for general...
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19th Century French Walnut Gothic Armoire

This stunning 19th Century French Walnut Gothic Armoire is representative of the craftsmanship during the revival of the style during the middle of the 1800s.  Luxurious French walnut was still in abundance, and used with wanton abandonment to create master works like this example, with intricate geometric, moorish and naturalistic stylings all sculpted...
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19th Century Flemish Renaissance Raised Cabinet

19th Century Flemish Renaissance Raised Cabinet was rendered from dense, old-growth quarter sawn oak, examples of which are on display in museums across Belgium and Holland that are over 1,000 years old!  This stunning example features hand-carved lions and gryffins with elaborately detailed molding and foliate & shell motifs enhancing the facade. ...
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19th Century Flemish Renaissance Armoire with Barley...

19th Century Flemish Renaissance Armoire with Barley Twist ColumnsCirca 1870sMeasures 82H x 60W x 22D
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Grand 17th Century French Renaissance Chateaux...

Antique furniture like this large French Armoire Renaissance "Quatrefollet" is preferred in France with four doors during the 17th-18th centuries, allowing one to more easily segregate the contents, and providing smaller doors and the resulting smaller hinges. This excellent example we found in a fabulous Chateaux, called an Antique French Quatrefollet,...
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19th Century Renaissance Revival Neoclassical Three...

19th Century Renaissance Revival Neoclassical Three Door Armoire with full length beveled mirror and timeless styling will make the perfect centerpiece for your grandest room!  Hand-crafted from solid walnut, it features architecture inspired by ancient Greece, with half corbels and finials combining with turned columns and intaglio carved accents for a...
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19th Century Renaissance Revival Neoclassical Armoire

19th Century Napoleon III Period Greek Revival Neoclassical Armoire with full length beveled mirror and timeless styling was hand-crafted from solid walnut and features a stately presence that will command attention in any room!Circa 1860s Measures 106.5H x 49W x 23D
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18th Century Dutch Renaissance Armoire

Designed to be a work of art that would immediately become the focal point of any room, this stunning armoire is in a truly remarkable state of preservation! Hand-sculpted by Dutch masters, it features the singular style that was common during the 16th through early 19th centuries in Northern Europe, with exceptionally bold molding starting with the crown...

Italian Walnut Renaissance 3 Door Armoire

Creating an imposing presence in any room, this handsome armoire features superlative Italian artistry executed in fine Italian walnut harvested from the foothills of the Alps, all inspired by the Renaissance in style! Benchmade from fine Italian walnut and hand-carved with a glorious expression of Renaissance-inspired embellishment in full relief, this...

Antique Rustic Renaissance Armoire

Rendered from solid oak, featuring eight doors and two drawers to create a superlative Old World cabinet. Circa 1900. Measures 84H x 66W x 19D.

Antique Gothic-Inspired Armoire from Lorraine

Crafted from dense, old-growth French white oak and hand-forged solid iron, this handsome armoire was created by the artisans of Lorraine, and with a somewhat uncharacteristic twist imbued with design elements that hail back to the Gothic style, considered by experts to be the earliest formal French style. Because of the hinge choice and placement, the...

Gothic Oak Cabinet

Rendered from solid oak, this handsome piece will make a great addition to any masculine decor!  Forged iron strap hinges match the keyguards, all with stylized fleurs de lys.  Circular geometric panels, sixteen in all, adorn the doors, and are flanked by cornerposts carved with subtle Gothic motif. Measures 58H x 59.5W x 20D Circa mid 1900

Antique Italian NeoClassical Walnut Armoire

Rendered in Romanesque magnificence from fine Italian walnut, this handsome armoire boasts fluted cornerposts topped with Corinthian corbels acting as framework for finely carved door panels arranged in threes. Bold rosettes at the center and stylized foliate carvings above and below complement the bold crown and base molding with carved feet. Circa...

19th Century French Renaissance Armoire

Antique French Renaissance Walnut Armoire was crafted in the second part of 19th century France. The lustrous finish off walnut is in excelent condition on this antique furniture. The hardware lets the doors of case opening open wide and  lay flat in order to be used for ideal TV or entertainment center. Measures 96H x 66W x 30D Circa 1860.

Italian Renaissance Grand Armoire

Carved from fine Italian walnut this impressive Italian Renaissance Four Door Armoire will fill your wall with Old World splendor! Capacious interior is accompanied by carved figures, barley twist columns, and beautifully carved door panels. Bold molding completes the look, along with large lions' paw feet!Circa early 1900s.Measures 84H x 106.5W x 30D

PAIR 19th Century Gothic Armoires

It is very rare to discover a Pair of Gothic Armoires, and this pair is even more unusual in having drawers atop the doors. Hand-carved linenfold panels adorn the facade, and forged iron hinges and keyguards add a medieval touch.Circa 1870sEach measures 73H x 35W x 19D

19th Century Gothic Media Cabinet - Wardrobe

Representing the epitome of the Gothic style, this amazing Media Cabinet - Wardrobe was meticulously hand-crafted from solid oak and the entire facade lavished with intricate geometric, moorish and linenfold motifs. A display shelf below adds visual interest. Forged steel strap hinges add a nice Old World touch, plus allow the doors to open wide making...

19th Century Renaissance Armoire

This very unusual Renaissance style Armoire was crafted from solid oak, and features three carved and finely molded frames set above a lower shelf, held aloft by carvings of winged angels! Fletching motif adorns the cornerposts, with shell gadrooning separating the top from the base. Forged steel strap hinges complete the look.Circa 1880sMeasures 75H x...

19th Century Gothic Armoire

This interesting Antique French Gothic Armoire combines mythical symbolism with timeless architectural detail! Ridged barley twist columns separate the intaglio-carved sides from the front facade, with doors beautifully carved with grape clusters, mythical creatures, foliates, and geometric designs. The castellated crown is defined by carved finials at...

19th Century French Walnut Two-Tiered Cabinet

Wonderfully hand-crafted from select French walnut, and even sporting an upholstered interior, this amazing mid-19th Century two tiered cabinet, or buffet a deux corps, was designed on a diminutive scale for an obvious commission.  The cornerposts consist of fluted and reeded pilasters on front and side, both topped with Corinthian capitals for a column...

19th Century Renaissance Armoire with Barley Twist...

Rare in a single door design, this 19th Century Renaissance Armoire with Barley Twist Columns will add an Old World touch to any rooom.Circa 1870sMeasures 80.5H x 44W x 21D

Renaissance Four-Door Armoire - Bookcase

Renaissance Four-Door Armoire – Bookcase Circa 1890s Measures 78.5H x 86W x 24D

19th Century Italian Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase

19th Century Italian Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase boasts abundant hand-carved detail across the entire four door facade!Circa 1890sMeasures 59H x 86W x 17D

19th Century Italian Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase

19th Century Italian Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase boasts abundant hand-carved detail across the entire four door facade!Circa 1890sMeasures 59.5H x 85.5W x 17.5D

Antique Gothic Solid Washed Oak Armoire

Antique Gothic Washed Stripped Oak Armoire represents the epitome of the style, with stylized geometric carvings combined with linenfold panels.  Carved on all three sides, it boasts an astragal that covers the natural gap between the doors that is a work of the sculptor's art all by itself!  Hand-crafted throughout to last for generations!Circa early...

Antique Italian Walnut Renaissance Bookcase

Enjoy the Splendor of the Renaissance expressed by Master Artisans with this Antique Renaissance Italian Walnut Bookcase, combining sculpted walnut with burl maple and wrought iron!  Spacious cabinets provide copious storage, with boldly scrolled lion's paw feet carved to perfection.  Ideal for the masculine decor.Circa early 1900sMeasures 70H x 82W x 21D

19th Century Flemish Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase

This highly unusual piece in the form of a 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Armoire ~ Bookcase is exceedingly shallow for a piece that is just about eight feet tall!  Even including the bold base and crown moldings, it's only 17" deep, making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas where maximum space utilization is critical!  Barley twist columns...