Primarily a French and Italian affectation, the antique vaisselier was developed to display one’s cherished family porcelain and faience heirlooms and have them at the fingertips when it was time to entertain. The antique buffet below provided the storage and serving surface, and the combination is still an excellent choice for the casual decor.


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Louis Philippe Mahogany Vaisselier ca. 1840

Hand-crafted from exotic imported Mahogany, this elegant French Louis Philippe Period Vaisselier embodies all that the style can offer, with clean lines and just enough flourish to add opulence to the room, yet tailored enough to work with more casual decoration, as well!  Display shelves combine with spacious accomodations below to make this a piece...
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19th Century Renaissance Buffet ~ Vaisselier with Angels

19th Century Renaissance Vaisselier with Angels features one door with both a narrow and shallow profile so it fits where almost no other can! Exquisitely hand-carved with angels, crests, foliates and more ~ it will make a stunning Old World accent piece.Circa 1850sMeasures 74H x 40W x 17.5D ~ surface 44H
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19th Century Flemish Renaissance Buffet ~ Vaisselier

An impressive work of the woodsculptor's art, this 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Buffet ~ Vaisselier features detailing that must be examined closely to be fully appreciated! The detail is astounding, and represents the idealism of the Renaissance in all its glory, including human interest in the form of shelf supports that depict musicians and...
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19th Century Hand-Carved Italian Renaissance Buffet

The splendor of the Renaissance has been captured in solid walnut with this magnificent 19th Century Italian Renaissance Buffet, complete with full size backsplash with shelf for attractive convenience!  Original cast brass pulls on the drawers and doors add a nice touch, but the carved della robia, dolphines, caryatids and elaborate foliate motifs steal...
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19th Century French Gothic Buffet-Vaisselier

Antique French Gothic Buffet-Vaisselier, carved from sold oak in 19th century. A handsom piece of antique furniture and treasure to display you collection. This relic of history is perfect for the living or dining room. France, Circa 1850s   Measures 96H x 64.5W x 20.5D; buffet 38H
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19th Century French Walnut Buffet ~ Vaisselier

19th Century French Walnut Buffet ~ Vaisselier from the Napoleon III Period with burl walnut accents and ebonized molded detail and carvings! Circa 1860s Measures 72.5H x 72W x 23.5D/ ~ surface 39.5H
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Country French Buffet ~ Vaisselier

Hand-crafted from old-growth French Oak to last for centuries, this Charming Country French Buffet ~ Vaisselier will store and display your finest in style, while also providing a convenient and spacious serving surface!Circa 1900sMeasures 78.5H x 63W x 20D - surface 37.5H 
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Antique Country French Buffet - Vaisselier

Crafted from fine French walnut to last for generations, this handsome Antique Country French Buffet can also be called a Vaisselier due to the open shelves above.  A variation on that theme, it also features small enclosed cabinets on top, perfect for crystal or glassware.  Designed to provide ample storage, display and serving surface in an all-in-one...
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18th Century French Vaisselier-Buffet

A breathtaking example of the sheer charm of Country French furniture, this delightful Eighteenth Century Buffet with Plate Rack, or Vaisselier, features gallery rails across the upper display shelves, with two cutlery drawers, overlooking a generous serving surface and two drawers and two cabinets below, all hand-carved to perfection by talented rural...
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18th Century French Provencal Walnut Buffet / Vaisselier

Antique Country French Walnut Vaisselier from Provence represents the French solution to the all-in-one-piece which enables one to display, store and serve all from one piece. The sumptuousness of the French walnut that has been subtly carved by master cabinetmakers is enhanced by the exuberant scrollwork, while the open plate rack and pair of small...

Antique Country French Walnut Vaisselier

Charming bench-made Country French Vaisselier crafted from solid walnut harvested from the foothills of Provence, represents the solution to the all-in-one-piece, which enables one to display, store and serve all from one piece. The sumptuousness of the French walnut that has been carved by the master cabinetmakers for the display across the entire façade...

18th Century Country French Walnut Vaisselier

Soaring over eight and a half feet tall, this grand 18th century antique Country French vaisselier was meticulously hand-crafted from select French walnut, and features timeless Louis XV-inspired styling from the chapeau de gendarme cornice to the scrolled legs below. Gracefully contoured door frameworks add a simple elegance complemented by the arched...

Antique Country French Vaisselier

Hand-crafted by the master artisans of Normandie from indigenous French oak, this superlative antique Country French buffet features the highly adorned plate rack above making it a vaisselier that will command center stage in your room! The scrolled crown with carved floral and foliates is topped with five turned finials, and presides over three tiers of...

Antique Grand French Renaissance Vaisselier

Hand-crafted from select French walnut, this imposing grand antique Renaissance vaisselier was created during the heyday of the Napoleon III period, and features a blend of architectural and ornamental styles that reach back into history. A full relief floral basket atop a heraldic crest is centered on the crown, with elaborate carved & turned columns...

Rustic Louis Philippe Period Vaisselier

This rare artifact dates to the Louis Philippe period in Frence, and uncharacteristically sports an upper cabinet with a vaisselier plate rack between it and the main buffet below. Hand-crafted from quarter-sawn old-growth French red oak, it features classic and simplistic brass keyguards and pulls, with twist knobs for the upper cabinets. Ideal for the...

Vintage Country French Walnut Vaisselier

Vintage Country French Walnut Vaisselier. Circa early 1900s. Measures 89H x 79W x 22D; buffet 40.5H.

18th century Country French Weathered Oak Vaisselier

Utilizing the weathered, enduring beauty of an heirloom old-growth French white oak, the artisans of Lower Brittany crafted this 18th century Country French Vaisselier to last for generations, using techniques such as pegged mortise & tendon joinery, handed down by their forefathers. A simply contoured apron above complements the one below, following...

19th Century Hunt Style French Renaissance Buffet -...

This Antique French Hunt Renaissance Buffet - Vaisselier was carved by master French craftsmen in the region around Rouen, and features game from the hunt in glorious full relief on each door panel, complemented by bounty of the earth motifs in abundance on the crown and backsplash supports.  The boldlly molded, mitered cornerposts below have also been...

Gothic Oak Vaisselier

Truly one of the most remarkable pieces we've had the privilege to procure, this astounding Antique Gothic Oak Vaisselier was sculpted by master artisans, and each of the 15 panels on the backsplash and cabinet below has a unique carved motif!  The gargoyle-like corbels that hold up the three tiers of shelves are also different for each tier.  Three sucre...

Renaissance Walnut Vaisselier

Imagine our pleasure when we came across this magnificent Renaissance Walnut Vaisselier!  Not only is this style rarely found in French walnut, it was  sculpted in a particularly stunning manner with intricate bas relief across the entire front facade.  The bold full relief lions' heads that appear on the doors below steal the show, however, with their...

Country French Corner Vaisselier

Country French Corner Vaisselier Measures 86H x 35W x 24D, surface 33.5H . Circa 1890

Country French Buffet-Vaisselier

This classic Country French Buffet-Vaisselier makes the perfect choice for the casual or provincial interior, with cabinet space in abundance above and below, and open display shelves centered on top to show off your finest!  Exquisitely scrolled door and drawer frames are embellished with hand-carved, subtle molded detailing.  Full length barrel hinges...

Renaissance Petit Vaisselier

Obviously designed for a specific niche, this diminutive Antique Vaisselier was carved in the Renaissance style and will make a great accent to your Old World look. Circa 1870s Measures 56H x 27W x 13.5D

Country French Oak Buffet / Vaisselier

A bit narrower than most, this charming Country French Vaisselier is perfect for displaying your choice china or collectibles, while storing other items in the pair of drawers and cabinets below. Finely carved with florals, foliates and scrollwork. Circa 1900-1910 Measures 83H x 43.5W x 19D, surface 39.5H

Grand 18th Century Country French Buffet / Vaisselier

Grand 18th Century Country French Buffet with an elaborately adorned open plate rack on top makes it a perfect example of a Country French Vaisselier from the master artisans of Normandie.  Families would proudly display their finest china on top, with ample storage below providing space for their everyday china and flatware.  The arched bonnet referred...

18th Century French Vaisselier-Buffet

A breathtaking example of the sheer charm of Country French furniture, this delightful Eighteenth Century Buffet with Plate Rack, or Vaisselier, features gallery rails across the upper display shelves, with two cutlery drawers, overlooking a generous serving surface and two drawers and two cabinets below, all hand-carved to perfection by talented rural...

18th Century Country French Rustic Buffet ~ Vaisselier

18th Century Country French antique furniture like this Rustic Buffet ~ Vaisselier  is perfect to display your collections is the charming relic of history for you home. This lovely buffet features simple, tailored lines also features its original forged solid iron key-guard and hinges.  An elegant piece of the past for your living or dining room. Circa...

19th Century Rustic Country French Vaisselier / Buffet

Designed to strore, display and serve all in one multi-function piece, this 19th Century Rustic Country French Vaisselier / Buffet is ideal as an efficient yet charming addition to the kitchen, breakfast area or keeping room.  Hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak to last for centuries, it has already survived almost two hundred years! Circa 1840s...

19th Century Country French Vaisselier ~ Buffet

This charming Country French Vaisselier ~ or Buffet with an Upper Plate Rack, is definitely on the Rustic side of the design, yet it features a couple of Gothic-influenced carved panels at the top of each of the cabinet doors.  Hand-crafted to literally last for centuries from old-growth French Oak, it will add a charm all its own to any room!Circa...