18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk

2002-912294 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

19H x 50W x 15.5D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk was designed from single, solid planks of old-growth oak to last for centuries!  Such pieces were the first recorded "cased furniture", and from which all other case furniture was derived.  Designed to transport earthly possessions from one locale to another, then serve as a storage vehicle whilst in the temporary location, the design developed over the years to include some of the features you see in this example.  Since local indigenous wood was plentiful, solid single planks could be, and were used, for the top, each of the sides, and even the back.  The front was carved with charming rustic Gothic embellishment, a style that dates back to the middle of the 12th century.  Hand-forged iron strap hinges and lockworks were added for security, and the entire affair was set upon full depth runners which was a common Dutch tradition that both elevated it off the potentially damp floors of a bygone era, it also helped when sliding the piece from one part of the room to another.  An excellent choice as a rustic coffee table, as well!  Who knows what stories this ancient artifact has to tell?
Circa 1750s
Measures 19H x 50W x 15.5D