18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk

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21H x 36W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk was fashioned from old-growth oak using nothing but hand tools by capable rural artisans.  The solid planks were joined together with traditional methods, then the top was formed with stabilizing rails on each side.  Two timbers act as skids below to protect the casework.  Classic and charming carved detail was applied to the facade, with colonnades, Greek coin and floral designs enhancing the appeal.  Forged from red-hot iron, handles were made for each side, then full-span hinges with interesting visual design were attached, designed to last for centuries.  Open the trunk, and inside one finds a separate small compartment meant for candle storage, when candles were considered an indispensable luxury.  Ideal at the foot of the bed, or for use as a quaint coffee table, and ideal for the casual decor!
Circa 1770s
Measures 21H x 36W x 21.5D