18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk ~ Coffee Table

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16.5H x 38W x 26.5D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Rustic Dutch Trunk ~ Coffee Table is a splendid example of the oldest type of case furniture known to man.  Hand-crafted from thick, solid planks of old-growth seasoned oak using techniques handed down for generations, its smaller size makes it relatively unusual.  Most probably intended for a bedroom, it still included a sturdy hand-forged lock so that one's belongings could be made safe, especially the prized and indispensable beeswax candles that had their own separate compartment inside.  Forged iron key guard in the front, corner braces and strap hinges holding the lid in place were crafted by the hands of the village blacksmith.  Nice molding detail around the top, base, and surrounding the side panels is indicative of superior craftsmanship especially considering the crude tools that were available at the time.  Ideal at the foot of the bed, in a seating group, or anywhere a surface with storage inside is useful or desirable!
Circa 1750s
Measures 16.5H x 38W x 26.5D