19th Century French Gothic Bench and Rail ~ Ballustrade

2004-912564 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

33H x 129W x 10D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Gothic Bench and Rail ~ Ballustrade is a great choice to create a railing, define a specific area, or provide a long bench seat in front of a panoramic window!  Hand-crafted from solid oak to last for centuries, it features a simplistic yet extraordinarily sturdy bench that is paired with but can be used separately from the railing.  The railing exhibits amazing craftsmanship from the repetitive arched colonnade with circles and trefoils on each side flanking a centered circular section reminiscent of the windows in cathedrals and castles of France!  Subtle painted accents highlight the architecture, with gold used to add a touch of opulence.  Each is upholstered in mohair on top.  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary process to reveal the natural beauty and patina of the old-growth wood!
Circa 1950s
Rail measures 33H x 129W x 10D;
Bench measures 17.5H x 129W x 12D