19th Century Gothic Revival Church Pew ~ Bench

2002-96187A (Click to Inquire About This Item)

43H x 75W x 23D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Gothic Revival Church Pew ~ Bench was hand-crafted by master artisans from dense, old-growth indigenous oak, and literally made to last for centuries!  The stripped finish creates a soft effect for your more casual decors.  The Gothic Revival that occurred during the mid-1800s saw a resurgence in appreciation for the timeless style, considered by most experts to be the first formal architectural design in history, dating back to the mid-12th century in St. Denis, France.  This design features three exquisitely scrolled and pierce-carved supports, a rather generous seat (by comparison), and seatbacks that are finished with the sign of the cross.  A bookshelf spans the back side for those seated behind.
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Circa 1850s
Measures 43H x 75W x 23D