19th Century Italian Gothic Bench

2003-912138 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

38H x 33W x 15.5D; seat 19.5H

Location: Dallas


19th Century Italian Gothic Bench is a stunning piece of work, showcasing ancient furniture making technique while at the same time exhibiting styling from the Gothic discipline, all rendered in solid old-growth oak!  The seatback is held in place with posts fully mortised into the bench seat formed from beveled planks.  The same seatback posts have been hand-carved with overlapping Greek coin and topped with a bold acanthus flourish.  The seatback itself is centered with a relief carving of acanthus plumes in an arbalette form, with stylized foliates carved in the intaglio manner on the backrest, underneath which are mirrored acanthus plumes again.  Support is provided by two carved side supports enhanced with pierced trefoils representing the Holy Trinity, and reinforced by a carved trestle fully mortised into the side supports and secured with a shim, a technique that dates back to well over two millennia!
Circa 1870s
Measures 38H x 33W x 15.5D; seat 19.5H