19th Century Renaissance Hall Bench

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53.5H x 61W x 19.5D; seat 18H

Location: Dallas


19th Century Renaissance Hall Bench is a truly unique work of the cabinetmaker's art!  Sublimely sculpted from the arched crown to the baseboard, it must be studied closely to be fully appreciated.  Using old-growth oak, the creators designed it to command attention from all who enter your home.  The boldly arched crown, centered with a full relief lion's head flanked by elaborate foliates and cornucopias, appear together over the architrave which features two scallop shells, wildflowers and acanthus leaves.  Below that are four individual works representing various themes related to man's blessings on earth, including animal husbandry, hunting, the fruit harvest and the vegetable harvest.  The carved panels are framed with fletching and foliate borders, and appear between the gracefully scrolled armrests that begin at the architrave and elegantly turn to the tips which are finished with amazingly lifelike seated lions holding shields.  Not only are the insides of the armrests carved, the entire exterior sides are carved as well.  Four panels on the trunk section below depict crests with acorns and lions, symbols of powerful families.  The seat lifts up to provide storage for the perfect finishing touch!
Circa 1870s
Measures 53.5H x 61W x 19.5D; seat 18H