19th Century Swedish Painted Trunk

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22.5H x 44.5W x 25D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Swedish Painted Trunk is a charming testament to rural artisans and hand-crafted heirlooms!  Using Alpine conifer wood, the trunk was fashioned using strong dovetailed corners with a nice base molding at the bottom just above the four bun feet.  The hand-painted whimsical design on the facade steals the show, with wildflower and other floral motifs interspersed with items dear to the family for which it was created in 1862, clearly dated at the center.  Such a prominently displayed date indicates a significant year for the family, most probably a wedding.  The lid opens up to reveal capacious storage, including a candle compartment at the left side.  Candles were locked inside such trunks for security reasons as they were considered as essential as they were expensive in those days.
Dated 1862
Measures 22.5H x 44.5W x 25D