19th Century French Renaissance Hunt Bookcase ~ Vitrine

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57.5H x 65W x 20.5D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Renaissance Hunt Bookcase ~ Vitrine is a study in timeless tradition, with naturalistic inspiration expressed by a master sculptor across the facade.  Full relief hound's head on the right facing the boar's head on the left depict the classic struggle of life.  In between lies relief foliate and scrollwork, with a bold full relief heraldic crest at the center, carved with the initials "FC" of the patron who commissioned the piece.  Underneath the hound and boar on the top cornerposts are uplifted acanthus plume corbels which appear above sculptures of the bounty of the sea on one side, and the spoils of the hunt on the other.  Amazingly detailed moldings permeate the entire design, providing a framework for the generously glazed cabinet doors that look into the cabinet with three surfaces and two fully adjustable original shelves.
Circa 1870
Measures 57.5H x 65W x 20.5D