Country French Two-Tiered Corner Cabinet

2005-92501 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

75H x 32W x 16D; 20D corner to edge

Location: Baton Rouge


Country French Two-Tiered Corner Cabinet is the perfect choice for converting what is otherwise useless space to a stylish, functional and visually appealing asset to the room!  Crafted from solid oak, it features a two door upper tier, two door lower, and a full width drawer in between, with shelves inside both tiers providing exceptional storage options.  The facing arches of the crown provide an arbalette (or archer's bow) form that is mirrored in the tops of the cabinet doors with fine molded detail from top to the base, which is supported by ball feet.  An intriguing carving appears centered on the crown which combines the Florentine fleur de lys and an egg motif with an heraldic crest theme.  Finely crafted brass hinges, key guards and drawer pulls complete the look.
Circa mid- to late-1900s
Measures 75H x 32W x 16D; 20D corner to edge