19th Century French Louis XIV Open Bookcase

2006-912125 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

64H x 64W x 14D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Louis XIV Open Bookcase combines the tailored functionality of open but adjustable shelving with the elegance of a bygone era by surrounding the shelving area with exquisite hand-carved detailing highlighted in gold!  Crafted from dense, old-growth white oak and given a luxurious walnut finish, this exceptional piece has carved detail on three sides around the bonnet just underneath the bold crown molding.  The details depict bold acanthus flourishes, scrollwork, and a pheasant with the bird's tail evolving into the foliate work in a truly artistic expression.  Intricate rosettes appear on the corners above the cornerposts.  Centered on the bonnet are two cherubs flanking a Greco-Roman vase bursting with flowers and garlands.  Back to the cornerposts on each side of the shelves, we see intriguing corbels that combine scrollwork, stylized shell and Greek coin for an unusual combination, with cross-hatching leading the eye midway down to the relief carvings then finally to the flourishes above the base that reach upwards towards the crown.  A truly remarkable piece, and only fourteen inches in depth making it ideal for high-traffic areas or cozy niches.
Circa 1870s
Measures 64H x 64W x 14D