Barrister's Bookcase ~ Vitrine, 19th Century French Napoleon III Period Ebonized

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42H x 48.5W x 13.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century French Napoleon III Period Ebonized Barrister's Bookcase ~ Vitrines are becoming more rare every visit, not every year!  The ebonizing process was a painstaking, laborious process that impregnated the very pores of the wood to simulate the highly exotic, rare and extremely expensive ebony wood still available at the time, so enterprising French furniture makers simulated it then applied French polish plus classic French bordering incised into the wood and accented with gold for an even more timeless, classic effect.  Called a "barrister's bookcase", such pieces were short and relatively wide in relationship to their height in order that an attorney, or anyone occupying an office, could simply swivel around in their chair and access the books within without resorting to ladders.  The surfaces also made it nice for awards, certificates, or other decorations.  Classic architecture ensures this piece will go with almost any decor!

Circa 1860s

Measures 42H x 48.5W x 13.5D