19th Century French Renaissance Stripped Hunt Bookcase

2006-96439 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

95H x 53W x 23.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Renaissance Stripped Hunt Bookcase is a master work of the cabinetmaker's art!  Rendered entirely from old-growth white oak, it features a bold crown molding with acanthus trim and egg & dart motifs appears above the bonnet which is centered with an exquisite boar's head flanked by fully laden grapevines in glorious relief.  Acanthus rosettes appear on the corners, and around the corners on the sides are more foliate flourishes in relief.  Below the aforementioned rosettes appear carved corbels which transition into della robia or bounty of the earth carvings, which flank the arched glazed upper doors with embellishments on the top corners.  The lower section is a work of art unto itself with grapevines and flourishes on all three sides wherein the grapevines themselves form the drawer pulls.  The cornerposts mirror the cornerposts above, and provide a framework for the exceptional sculptures of fowl harvested from the field on the right, and fish harvested from the sea on the left.  Acanthus bordering across the entire base molding completes the look.
Circa 1860s
Measures 95H x 53W x 23.5D; surface 38H