19th Century Grand Hand Carved Whitewashed Oak English Bookcase

2408-44576 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

103.5H x 92W x 23D

Location: Dallas


Antique English Renaissance Revival bookcase is a splendid example of antique furniture crafted during the 19th century on a grand scale.  Hand carved in white oak, this stately open bookcase features an elaborate expression of the revival style, with lion's heads, bountiful fruit garlands, tassels, floral and foliate embellishments.  The subtle whitewashed finish highlights the detail on the carvings to splendid effect.  The motifs have been meticulously carved across the crown, drawer pulls, sides and on the lower casework in glorious full relief. Stretching over seven feet in width, it will dominate your wall and provide your room with splendid Old World ambiance!
Measures 103.5H x 92W x 23D
Circa 1860s