19th Century Louis XVI French Ebonized Bookcase

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104H x 49W x 19D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Louis XVI French Ebonized Bookcase was exquisitely hand-sculpted from solid walnut then given an ebonizing treatment for a hard, elegant and lasting finish!  The ebonizing process impregnates the pores of the wood with a black-carbon formulation that is not like any modern stain.  Once performed, it cannot be removed.  Prior to that painstaking process, the sculptors that tended to this work of art created graceful ladies on the lower cabinet doors in full relief, one with wind-blown fabric swirling about her while she pours the waters of life from an earthenware urn.  On the left, we see another lovely maiden with fabric surrounding her holding a cornucopia aloft.  At the top between the Greek arches we see musical instruments carved on the centerpiece, flanked by carved gryffins.  The essence of classicism is expressed in the glorious architecture of this antique furniture.  Only the most affluent and educated cognoscenti of 19th century Europe could afford a finely carved antique French bookcase such as this splendid example, much less the expensive books to put inside!
Circa 1870s
Measures 104H x 49W x 19D